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Today’s Best of the Bay:

Want to make money online? Check out this online money makers blog. Jonathan Volk, Super Affiliate Marketer will teach you the inside trick and best ways to do just that. Follow his blog and get inspired! Many of the techniques he learns he has written about on this blog. His goal is to create the ability for many to learn how to market online so that they too may be able to make money online. Check it out!!!!!!!

About Me

My name is Jonathan Volk and I am one of those “make money online” guys. I am President and CEO of Surge Marketing Inc. where we generate millions of dollars a year in sales for companies. In exchange, we get a percentage of each sale. This marketing model (more commonly known as Affiliate marketing) has allowed us to scale our growth exponentially in just a few years time.

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Most of the techniques I use to make money online, I will teach you on this blog (subscribe to the RSS below) but here are some great interviews which reveal a good bit of information.


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  1. Tyrone Smith says:

    Can people really make money on Twitter? I have been reading this web site that says people can.


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