Snack Alert

This is today’s snack of the day. Sensible Portions, Garden Veggie Straws. They are an all natural fabulous, healthier chip replacement. My friend brought them over for her little girl and I decided to try one, not gonna lie, I finished the whole snack bag. I admit, I am addicted to these!T hey come with a Sensible Portion of 38 straws suggestion, I always eat too many. You can get them right now at Costco in Concord, CA or you can buy them online. I am eating them now as I post this. Hope you try them and enjoy…..


Crunch, Light and Crunchy.
Snacking should be fun.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. great blog! found you off facebook =) and we LOVE these snacks too- some of our friends call them “fries” which helps their kiddos eat them better….clever.


  2. bayareamomma says:

    hahahaha. poor k, going hungry at my house…. thanks for checking out the blog. ;o)


  3. Jeri says:

    *gasp* You at all of Keziah’s veggie snacks?!?! LOL 😉


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