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Today I met with some of my favorite people on earth… our girl leaders and pastors for XG. XG is the youth church of Harvest church in Concord, CA. My husband I have had the privilege of pastoring this group for over 14 years now. We have ministered to hundreds of youth over the years and find such fulfillment in seeing them grow into leaders, becoming what God has purposed for their lives.

This is what I shared with them today…. A simple but important reminder:  “It’s not by might, or by power (strength), but by My Spirit, says the Lord“.

Many times we serve our guts out in ministry, but allow time with the Source of Strength to be put on the back burner…. and then wonder why we burn out~! God is asking us to seek Him first and then all these things(dreams, desires, calling) will be added. One of the biggest hindrances to fulfilling our purpose or the call of God on our lives is discouragement, which can come in many forms, ie: mixed with insecurities and fear.

Usually, we find ourselves discouraged because because of how we see our circumstances. How often do we struggle to perfect life on our own? We were not designed to do it alone. God resists the proud but gives Grace to the humble…. breakdown, Grace (Divine will and ability to do things God’s way with Joy) comes to the humble…. those who admit (in prayer) they need God in everything! The proud = those who try to do it all on thier own…those who don’t pray!

It is imperative that we take off the blinders of our circumstances and see things through God’s perspective. How?, waiting on the Lord… spending time talking to the One who sees it all. Praying the perfect prayer… pray in tongues about everything.

I believe that despite circumstances, the Holy Spirit will give divine times that fit into our lives to seek His perspective. We shouldn’t shrug off the thought to pray while in the car, or while doing routine things. Hello? that is the Holy Spirit. He wants to share his perspective with us… and give us strength! HE is building His church, and the gates of hell cannot prevail, so we must align with Him and we will find strength, joy, peace, fulfillment, and a clear perspective.

This is my favorite song of the moment… hope you like it.

Everlasting God by Lincoln Brewster:


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  1. evelynne says:

    Elana, thank you. I know we do not get the chance to see each other very much anymore, but I wanted to let you know I appreciate you and all you do.


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