Song of the day… an attitude adjustment.

I admit it, sometimes I just need an attitude adjustment!

On a day like today, sometimes you just need to put your focus somewhere else. It is pouring down rain, cold, and my kids are mess making machines today, fights are breaking out all over the place, the baby is needy and the laundry is piled higher than my kids are tall… My house is upside down and I have very little excitment to clean it. I would much rather play with my kids or get paid to blog. But I love my life and will not forget that these “trials” lol. are producing a perseverance and and character that will allow me to do all that God has planned for the future. It is on a day like today, where motivation is scarce that I turn my eyes off my situation and take a moment to worship my God, who holds the keys to joy and peace and order for my life!  He is worthy to be praised in any moment, and especially  in my darkest moments.  After getting my eyes off of myself by remembering/worshiping this big God we serve, my perspective ALWAYS changes!

Worship is powerful and necessary, everyday, not just in church.
This is how I read the Word of God and Worship….
1-) I consider all that is in my heart.
2-) Then take each Word I read or sing and attach my issues to them.
ie: “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain” … in my heart I add “Worthy and able to take all my frustration of a messy house, Lord I give it to you and need your grace to get it all done.”
3-) And I keep going with my issues, emtying them out like Mary did her purfume at the feet of Jesus.  My heart issues get tangled into the song or words and suddenly the words of the song become so meaningful and relatable.

By the time the worship is done, my heart is emptied of all my issues and I am worshiping God with a free heart and joy and hope have replaced all my frustrations. Worship releases all those burdens…

Honestly, some days I worship a whole lot, because I keep picking the same issues back up… JOY is a CHOICE, and attutide of the Heart. As I get my eyes off myself once again, I choose JOY. A free gift from God. Worship is powerful! I feel invigorated and strangly excited to tackle all I need to after a time in God’s presence. You have to try it!

Here is a great song to get you started today!

REVELATION SONG – Kari Jobe – posted by Kari Jobe (karijobemusic) – The Song was written by Jennie Lee Riddle years ago and has been recorded by many artists. I think this one by Kari Jobe is  my favorite. Kari Jobe is also a favorite. She has an amazing voice and worships with such passion.

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  1. It is usually rare to find well-informed people on this subject, but you sound like you know very well what you are writing about! Many thanks


  2. Terry says:

    Awesome blog Elana! You express so well what is the cry of many hearts….thank you for taking the time in the midst of your crazy day to “share the wealth!”


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