Hey Moms! One Step Ahead: the best baby gifts, baby products & baby care essentials!

Hey Moms… You gotta check out this site. One Step Ahead has a ton of great, innovative, safety minded ideas for those with  kids. I have received One Step Ahead Catalogs for years.  You can find a few of these things in leading children’s retail stores, but I love this site because it seems to always be on the cutting edge with helpful, quality mom gadgets. Hope you like it too.

One Step Ahead: the best baby gifts, baby products & baby care essentials!

Some of my favorite things are:

Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon – One Step Ahead Baby
Perfect for outings! This gotta-have gizmo holds baby’s food inside, so
you can leave the bowl and food jar behind. Just squeeze the soft
handle to fill the spoon. Leak-proof cover included. Holds up to 3 oz.
of baby food Dishwasher-safe.

Solid food mesh

Baby Safe Feeder Starter Kit

Solid Feeding

give baby fresh food — without risk of choking.
The Baby Safe Feeder was invented by a dad whose baby nearly died
choking on a biscuit. Its patented mesh feeder allows you to feed baby
fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats safely (while teaching baby how to
chew). Makes a terrific soothing teether — just fill with ice or frozen
fruit. Kit includes two complete feeders, plus two extra pouches.
Sanitary and dishwasher safe. For ages 5 months to 2 years.

Clear Banister Guard Kit – One Step Ahead Baby
Our invisible shield makes banisters safe. How large is the space
between your banister posts? Large enough to trap a little arm or leg?
To drop a toy through? Eliminate accidents in the making with our
tough, transparent plastic barrier. Available in 5 feet or 15-feet
lengths; order as many as you need to create a 33″H shatterproof
shield. Easy to install; hole punch and cable ties included. For indoor
use. Exclusively Ours!

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