young leader’s guide to maintaining passion in ministry


How do you maintain a love for those you minister to?

How do you keep the passion alive for serving in ministry?

What do you do when you feel like your work is ineffective?

Today I ponder these questions that I have asked many times, I want you to remember that I am praying for you that the passion of God will ignite your heart to serve in the ministry area He has called you to.

Here are some keys I have found helpful:

1=Remember it is God who has called you to serve –  He has chosen you! You are not alone.  He promises to give you what you need

2=Serve People. Never serve the position you are in or make your title your motivation.  You may be working at a desk sending emails, or singing for worship, or teaching in a group, whatever your task… remember it is ALL about people. I remember cleaning toilets and being asked by God to stop complaining about the job and pray for the people who would walk through the doors of the bathroom. Yuck right? But it taught me that EVERY task is important in the Kingdom, and every task is ultimately about people.

3= Know the lives of those God has put in your path. Get to really know people.  Ask questions. What is the best and worst of their lives right now?

4= Pray for those you are serving… mentoring. How?
Pray specifically for each one. Bring up their issues before God. Pray to love them more. Pray for insight on how to love them. Pray in your tongues over their lives (This one is the most powerful form of prayer because you are praying the direct will of God for them).   Your ministry targets at  a secular job? ie: Office job/Restaurant Job. Pray for all who you/your work will come in contact with. Pray salvation… that God would draw their hearts as you talk to them or the letter you sent reaches them.

>Jesus was our example,  He prayed for us… just before He went to the cross. He was about to endure the grueling, the most grueling of situations and his heart was for us. I don’t think in His flesh, he wanted to die such a death, but flesh did not win. He prayed with Love for us, and then prayed to obey God’s will.

5= Endure. Don’t give up. Endure the grueling… maybe its your work schedule, or an attitude, or lack of fruit in your ministry, Don’t give up. Most people last less than 15 months in one ministry. It takes about 2 years to really establish relationship and authority. You do the math. Don’t move too soon. Obey God’s leading!

6= Read the word…Yes, it is  for you to be encouraged in your personal walk, But I encourage you to also read with “their” (those in your path) situation in mind, asking God for wisdom… and a word of encouragement to pass along to them.

7= Get a vision. People without a vision will fail. God has a plan for you and for those you serve… find it out, remember it. Write it on the walls of your heart. Passion propels you. It gets you out of bed in the morning. Stop looking at all the mundane, hard tasks in your life… and look at the purpose behind them. Usually the mundane is necessary to make the passionate things happen. If you keep your purpose/vision at the forefront… making them the “glasses” you see life through, you will find yourself a bit more passionate about the necessary everyday things

8= Don’t give in to insecurity. Our confidence is found in Him and HIM alone. Stop, Do not waist energy and time listening to the vain imaginations of the heart. The enemy is the one out to kill, steal and destroy. Do not help him with his job by believing his lies and dwelling on them. Insecurity is a vision stealer~

9= Be mentored. Find a Spiritual coach… a Timothy/Paul relationship.  Who are you vulnerable (share your heart) with? We must have someone who we will tell the truth to, in any situation. Who knows your heart?A life flow must be coming in and going out of you to maintain health in God’s kingdom. Like the Red/Dead Sea Principle. It would be good for this person to be “wiser/older” in the Lord than you are. Ask someone to mentor you. Don’t wait.

8 =Allow a peer in…. one who is trustworthy for spiritual accountability. Again, who knows your heart? This peer needs to be one who will encourage you to do the right thing… not the easy thing. They should also be committed to challenging you to go to your mentor about things. They should be a peer spiritually…at the same level or higher, not beneath you.

Wisdom Note:  strive to make your mentor and peer the same sex as you. This will guard you from getting too close by accident to someone you should not be.
Remember: when you reveal your heart, you create a bond. you allow/bring that person into your life and a feeling of dependence on them is easily formed. Be careful.

9= Put your dependence in God alone. “Christ in you, the hope of Glory” He is your strength, confident, peace, joy! People will never fulfill you! Even when married, our spouse should not have to carry the burden to “complete us”. “You complete me” is God’s Job! ;o)

10= Be a joyful person... remember joy is choice, a gift from God… when you choose to receive and act in God’s grace.. peace and joy are the fruit of it.

There now your are encouraged, equipped and ready to run with passion for the ministry God has called you to. Don’t give up or give in, But remember, I believe in you and the Call of God on your life. Have a fantastic day today!

This post is dedicated to the amazing youth staff that we have at XG. I am honored be a part of mentoring these young leaders, missionaries and pastors in the making! Check us out at:!/XGyouth?ref=ts

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