It’s time for another give away! Fashion & More by Bachman’s Sparrow @OhVelveteen

My favorite fashion Consultant has done it again…. just in time for your spring shopping trip… A Free Spring 2010 shoppping guide and $50 raffle. This is fantastic… go to her blog and sign up today.  Get my free Spring 2010 Ready to Wear Guide. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working furiously to put together a comprehensive e-book to get you totally prepared for Spring 2010 fashion and beauty. After hours of drooling over images of my favorite designer’s runway looks, I finally pieced together my favorite outfits, trends, and beauty techniques. 30 pages later, I finally am ready to release it for all of you to download it from my site (for free)! I’m really excited for what I put together, and I think you’ll enjoy being able to see all the best trends in one easy to read place. This guide has a lot of great information that I don’t have the room for to share on my blog. Not only do I show and explain what each look is, but I give you some really affordable “real world” options to wear yourself (I hate just looking at runway pictures, knowing I can’t afford that outfit and even worse, can’t pull it off for everyday wear). Here’s a sneak peek to let you see what you’ll be downloading:

*click link on “Spring Ready to Wear Guide” to go directly to this post*

ebook sneak peek

So excited for another raffle …
It’s time for another give away! | Bachman’s Sparrow
Follow the link above and subscribe to enter this most fabulous give away! Here
is what is offered in the give away:

‘Once entered into the raffle, you can win a $50 gift card to a clothing store of your choice. I will also include one of my favorite products, CO Bigelow’s Mentha Vitamin Body Wash (for both guys and girls) and personal style consultation.

What are you waiting for? Go sign up for you or a loved one! And have a fantastic day!

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