A beautiful spring day, breathing new life into dormant dreams.

Happy Spring 2010.  A nice cup of coffee and a beautiful view out the window of a perfect spring day. A very nice way to wake up. A lot has happened since spring 2009.  A beautiful baby is sleeping peacefully next to me and my house is full to the brim with people bustling around. I have 8 people living in our 3 bedroom house.  We could not be a happier family because we are living the dream! 2 nephews who love God, are following His purpose and are awaiting next years internship program, 4 children who are learning about God and His plans for their lives, and an incredible husband who loves his family and is faithful the call and voice  of God in his life.

My husband was preaching last week about a faith filled lifestyle and the hiccups that we encounter in our daily walk of faith. He spoke about the dangers of a negative outlook on life. He reminded us to Speak the TRUTH, not just the FACTS!

The Fact is that my day does not always look to me like this spring day that I have just described to you. I do not feel “the dream is being lived at all” . Often times the spring in my step is weighed down by the things that I wish were, but are not. Too often I see my whole world through disappointed eyes, Looking at the heaps of mess around the house, or the goals I had set that have not been met.

My eyes are looking intently at the world that surrounds me and I am overwhelmed by the insurmountable  things that I cannot do. Here is the trend:  I get frustrated with myself and my lack of discipline, then I become irritated with those around me who should do more, from there I get angry with myself for how I am treating others, and from there I find myself having done nothing productive for the situation at hand.

You see there is a choice.  Today, God is reminding us that as Spring comes  and new plant life is seen “springing up” all around us, this season can be  a time spiritually where new life is breathed into our hearts and minds.

The choice?

I can see the FACTS as they are in my eyesite… overwhelming, frustrating, insurmountable, irritating. Yes, we all struggle with situations that leave us feeling negative at one time or another. The tendency is to allow ourselves a pity party here. We sit here for a while and even get frustrated at other people’s joy.This is where God’s dreams for your life become dormant. Our forward pressing lifestyle in the things of God gets put to a jolting stop by our own mouths!

Or I can LOOK UP and see the TRUTH as things are in God’s eyesite: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. He gives joy, strength and peace to anyone who receives it.  God is the God of the impossible. If we are born again, and truly have been given a new heart and new mind.. .then our mouths will speak the TRUTH as they are in God’s word. My husband stressed in his message “There is power in your confession!!!” Beware what is coming out of your mouth! Our confession will not be what we see naturally but what we see spiritually. Reminding ourselves of who God is and who He is in us, the hope we have in him.

It is soooo hard to be around someone who is negative all the time. You just want to be the advocate and help them see even a glimmer of hope in their situation. So it is with our Father, he wants you to see life through God colored glasses.

Out of your heart the mouth speaks… so really our struggle begins in our heart. The things we are seeing, and then meditating or thinking on all are a result of what we are allowing into our heart. The bible asks us to Guard our hearts with all diligence. Why? It is where dreams are alive producing good fruit in our lives or where dreams lie dormant because of our own eyesite.

Here is where the rubber meets the road: Everyday I have a choice.

Let the Holy Spirit work in my attitudes His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness and self control,

which propels me to have a right attitude with God,

helping me to have a motivation to love others,

and then use the spiritual gifts God has given me to accomplish His will today,

then being ready today to be a witness of the Goodness of God to unbelievers,

And thereby God breaths new life into the dreams he placed there in the first place.

It all starts with attitude!  A faith Attitude.

Today… God wants to change our attitudes, effectively changing our eyesite and then changing our confession! This is the evidence of those who are a new creation. A new man, living in the Spirit and not in the flesh, the old man.

Who is it gonna be today that rules us?… the old man, the fleshly, natural way of thinking.

Or the new creation, Created in Christ Jesus, with His promises in view – a renewed mind ruling our very hearts and emotions.- a faith-filled mouth.

I like the one that “springs” new life into God’s dreams for me. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

You with me?

Please check out my husband’s blog for much more than I could ever give you, He is an amazing man of God with such wisdom… don’t miss it. Subscribe today:  http://jonjonwilkins.wordpress.com/


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