Foundation Check – an Easter blog.

Growing up my Dad used to always say “when Christ becomes reality in your life a lot of things will change”.  This used to make me so mad, the reason? I was saved at age 5 and did most things right. Obeyed rules, authorities, protocols, never missed church, was involved in ministry, ect. So from my perspective I already had a “reality of Jesus” in my life. As a teenager this one sentence from my Dad caused many arguments and moments of offense, I mean really? Some of my friends were really making mistakes and hello? I was not! I was growing in God, worshiping and praying.

This Easter weekend, I am reminded how much Jesus really means to me. The reality my Dad was constantly talking about was a true heart issue. Jesus took the law, the traditions of religion and challenged us to be changed in our hearts, our thoughts our mind. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul,  mind and strength” Mark 12:30.

As I watch news about Easter it all seems so rigid and full of tradition. I am not against tradition but I fear so many are missing the point.

This Easter is the reminder for me how much things have changed from my early years as a Christian. Today, I see what Jesus did on the cross and His resurrection as the foundation for everything I do. I am motivated everyday by the Love of Jesus and his overcoming power, not just for my eternal salvation, but for my emotions and my heart everyday.  I face challenges that seem overwhelming, and have the choice everyday to accept His power in my life to bring to life His will. It is so much more than the rules of what I must do as a Christian. He balances my emotions, He gives me hope for tomorrow, He gives me strength for today.

Over and over again, Jesus used parables that challenged us to check our hearts more than just our actions. I have seen that the “reality of Jesus” that my Dad was talking about was making Jesus the center, the foundation of my heart, “out of which come all the issues of life”. Today, Jesus is not a tradition, or a  figure in my religion. He took my burdens and my pain on the cross- and He takes my heart everyday. The power of Jesus’ resurrection after the cross affects my heart everyday! It changes me everyday. My foundation is strong because my reality for everyday life is in Jesus Christ alone. More than just what you are doing right… How is your heart today? Does the power of what Jesus did affect your everyday life?

Thanks Dad for challenging me to allow the “reality of Jesus” to change me everyday.  So this year, Easter alone will not be the only reminder of what Jesus did. No, everyday is a reminder of the power of the cross at work in my heart, my mind, my emotions.  A good foundation is what causes a house to stand strong when the storms come. How do you know if your foundation is strong? What happens when stuff “hits the fan”? I challenge you to let Him be Lord of your heart and just watch… when the storms come He will be the strength of your foundation. Easter… should be celebrated everyday!


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  1. Julia says:

    So funny how we all kinda had that reaction to: ” when God became a reality in my life”… Haha.

    Anyway, so true… I love how God is always the calm in the storm… And even though it’s cloudy… I can still see the Sun. Metaphorically;)


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