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Life with 4 kids, youth and church ministry is fun, and very busy. Many days I am “too busy” to remember or have succumbed to “mommy brain”. I have difficulty keeping in mind the things God has told me that would encourage me when I need it most… I used to keep “God journals” before I had so many kids, I still underline and write all over my bible, but honestly, these days I am completely electronic. Twitter is amazing because I have a record of what God was saying each day in the last 18months… If I only Re-Tweet.

Here are some of my favorites “RT’s”: they encourage me often…

Thomas Merton “Your life is shaped by the end you live for.”

“Wherever I go I know God’s Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love will go too!”

BobbieHouston “Negativity is easy to slip into, but it won’t take root or grow if you don’t engage/entertain/feed/cultivate it!”

AW Tozer “Refuse to be average. Let your heart soar as high as it will. ”

joelosteen “When you’re down to nothing, God is up to something.”

bobbiehouston “VISION prevents us from “dwelling carelessly” w the life/opport/times we r entrusted with! ”

tfhdaveRT @BrianCHouston “Fear paralyses robs you of even the smallest initiative. But wisdom is a perfect footing for courageous decisions! ”

jonjon4jc: “Lovin vacation at, as my son Jaden calls it, “South Lake Taco”… 11:19 PM Jul 6th elana Wilkins

lisatrent “God takes us out of our comfort zone so OTHERS can be comforted & made more comfortable… ”

judahsmith “God is greater than your feelings!”

tfhdave “Never grocery shop on an empty stomach…never make life decisions on an empty spirit…both Cost u more than you intended. ”

shaneguy7 RT @foxnews: Obama “I welcome debate among my team, but I won’t tolerate division”

RickWarren “Experience is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you. Think about it! ”

marcestez “U don’t grow in humility by trying to be humble.Just shift your focus off yourself & on to God’s greatness & other’s needs.”

bennyperez “@BrianCHouston: Give me a little church “filled” with awesome people, over a huge church “full” of itself everytime!”

JosephZwanziger ” The moment we cease learning (or cease to pursue learning) is the moment we cease to be usable for great things #noneofushavearrived”

mariorui “The greatest sign of personal stagnation is when we become what we once wanted to change”

RickWarren ” FAITH is VOICE-ACTIVATED.”In the same spirit of faith we speak because we believe” 2 Cor 4:13 Are u speaking faith or fear?”

ChristineCaine “It is far better to be MARKED by God than to try & MARKET yourself…marketing makes you known…being marked makes you anointed & effective.”

BrianCHouston “Hey single people.. Your future partner is alive on the earth somewhere RIGHT NOW!! I wonder what they’re doing?”

BrianCHouston ” Leaders goal: To LISTEN to those we trust – LEARN from our mistakes – LEAVE our defense to God – LIVE above reproach!”

BrianCHouston “PRIDE has many faces – Boastful? False humility? Independence? Parallel vision? Can’t honour? PRIDE runs its own race!”

BrianCHouston “Stay connected – stay faithful – stay focused – stay on course.. You’ll be amazed what the Lord. WILL do!”

PastorChelsea “There is one thing worse than training people and losing them, and that’s not training them and keeping them.” -Zig Ziglar

philmunsey “Encourage-meant: Giving others courage w/descriptive, specific, meaningful & heartfelt words “spiced” w/a little prophetic.”

RickWarren “MATURITY:Feeling the wrong thing but doing the right thing.You can’t always control feelings but u DO control your actions.”

philmunsey “Prayer w/o action is worthless. Action w/o prayer is worth even less!”

philmunsey “Legacy: A CHOICE made today becomes a VOICE in the future of your bloodline. Your blood “cells” talk for generations!”

EdYoung “Remember the cycle of success: change – conflict – growth! Don’t bail out right before the breakthrough!”

BrianCHouston “The presence of God has NO counterfeit.. It can’t be copied, imitated, or compared. There is NOTHING like it!”

judahsmith “RT @BrianCHouston: Leaders goal: To LIVE without worrying – LEAD without striving – LOVE without doubting – LOOK-AHEAD without turning!”

EdYoung  “Leadership is measured more by your absence than by your presence. How does it go when you’re not there?”

bennyperez  ” This is the day the Lord has made. Since He made it He will direct it! Trust Him today.”

BrianCHouston  “Every believers goal: To change my LIFE by changing my THINKING! Rom 12:2. tfhdave Lam. 3:22- His faithful love never ends! His mercies are new everymorning!”

RT @stevenfurtick: “Don’t cater to the preferences of the easily offended. You’ll never satisfy them, & you’ll bore everybody else.”

RickWarren “Waiting to FEEL right before DOING what’s right is immaturity. Doing it no matter how u feel is godliness.”

RickWarren ” Feelings FOLLOW action. It’s easier to act your way into a feeling than feel your way into an action.”

ShaunKing “The QUICKEST way to forget what God thinks about you is to obesess over what PEOPLE think about you!” -Craig Groeschel

chrislerma “Don’t blame yourself for the decline, because one day you will be tempted take credit for the increase. “@Craig Groeschel

Chris Hodges “Burnout doesn’t come from being busy; it comes from doing stuff that doesn’t matter. “-

tfhdave “Relationships are not disposable! They are precious and those that are broken are redeemable.”

BrianCHouston ” Leadership goal: Don’t just build something big or ‘successful’ -Build something INFLUENTIAL that’s making a difference!”

BrianCHouston “Leaders goal: Recognise your leadership is not a God-given right; it’s a God-given grace! Be grateful, not presumptuous”

MichaelGiroux “I love reading the Gospels because Who Jesus WAS is who Jesus IS. Don’t get fooled- we’re livin for THE SAME JESUS- Heb13:8”

tfhdave “Relationships are the DNA of our future. Consider well who is consistently shaping your thoughts and values!”

SeanArisco “RT @tfhdave:There’s a huge difference btween critical thinking & thinkers who r critical. The 1st solves problems the latter causes problem.”

marcestes “Dissatisfaction and discouragement are not caused by the absence of things but the absence of vision.”

RickWarren “God’s uncondtional love for me doesnt mean He approves of everything I think, do, or say.Every parent knows the difference.”

ChristineCaine “Love Sunday…& love the breadth…depth…width…height of Gods church across the earth…He is building His church..it is alive & strong!”

RickWarren “God gives you just enough time to do His Will.If you always feel behind,you’re trying to do more than he intended.”

marcestes “Either the bible will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the bible. What are you away from today?”

DarleneZschech  “I’ve been meditating on the power of the cross, and the finished work of Jesus. I pray this revelation is always premium in our heart.”

bobbiehouston “Delight yourself in the Lord & He WILL give you the desires of your heart” … dreams/strategies/insight/wisdom/& even silly fun stuff”

Skip4God “One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”— E. M. Forste

lamiac ” God’s in the business of developing our Kingdom attitudes-righteousness, peace & joy-Rom 14:17-Attitude’s a choice, gotta choose wisely :-)”

Skip4God “God has editing rights over our prayers. He edits, corrects & brings them in line with His will then hands them back to be resubmitted.”

ChristineCaine  “Don’t just lean in to your STRENGTHS because HIS POWER is made perfect in your WEAKNESS…I would rather have HIS power than MY strength.”

Skip4God “It’s not just what you bring to a group that makes a difference, it’s what you unlock while you are there.”

joelosteenmin “Everything you’ve been through up until now is getting you prepared for what God is going to do in your future. http://ow.ly/154u3”

marcestes “A true test of a servant is how you react when treated like one -Elizabeth Elliot-”

marcestes Your direction not your intention determines your destination. marcestes The majority see the obstacles, only a few see the opportunity in the obstacle. Your view dictates your outcome.

DonnaLasit Ps 18:37″chased my enemies.didnt quit till they were dstroyed.crushed them.they couldn’t rise again.” ATTACK inner enemies -doubt/fear 2day!

judahsmith Worship is…when u see the Fortune the Father spent on us in Jesus and in response you spend yours on Him! (Jn12:5NLT)

BrianCHouston Leaders goal: Don’t focus on the GROWTH of the church. Focus on the HEALTH of the church – because healthy things grow.

DonnaLasit Creation.God created w/ “each one producing more of its own kind” in mind. Asking myself. What does my life produce? let me be like u Jesus!

shaneguy7 RT @joycemeyer: If you’re too busy for time with God then you’re too busy.

judahsmith NOTE TO SELF; slow down, stop, rest, listen to the Holy Spirit, He wants to tell you all about Jesus! John 15:26 tfhdave There is little spiritual progress for the unexamined life, Slow the pace and wait in his presence! Psa 139:23

BrianCHouston The theme of your heart will ultimately determine the story of your life. “My heart overfows with a good theme” psalm 45:1

wendyperez You can’t give up HOPE! It wasn’t yours to begin with…He is our intertwined HOPE…how silly to think His gift comes thru our own effort!

JeanneMayo ‘What you are willing to walk away FROM … Often determines what God is willing to walk you INTO.’ May my life include holy reductions. jaygard We can be thankful IN every circumstance but we don’t have to be thankful FOR every circumstance. 😉 live big!

BrianCHouston Life is an opportunity stolen from some & wasted by others! Help me Lord, to never devalue, nor be selfish with my life!


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