Egypt Syndrome – dreams in view.

Tonight I sat in my living room, completely exhausted and began to look around at the HUGE mess that my kids had made with their favorite toys, frustration began to settle in. If I could just motivate everyone in the house to pitch in and pick up we would get this job done fast… But the time was 10pm. Everyone was ready for bed, me included. I began to grudgingly, pick up the toys, put away the clothes, do the dishes, ect… when the Holy Spirit gave me a picture of my attitude.

Moses led the Israelites out of captivity and into a journey to a promised land from God.  The people followed Moses joyfully out of captivity to Egypt and across the red sea, but failed to make it into the promised land… one right in their eyesight. Why? I believe they were wishing they could just go back to the past – the easier life, grumbling, lack of trust in their leader, no eyes of faith the see the daily provision as miracles, no personal relationship with God, fear of the Giants in the promised land.

We do this same thing, Let’s just call it Egypt Syndrome. God sets us free from sin and soon after the victories… we get all caught up in our daily lives and frustrations again and the promises of God look as if they are far off and not attainable. Example: As a wife looking to their husband as he leads, Maybe as you try to follow the Spiritual leader in your life, even sometimes looking at God, we start to wish things were different or even like the past. Grumbling takes over the inward conversation of our heart and we stop seeing the everyday miracles. We grumble against these leaders in our lives and the situations we find ourselves in… sometimes wishing we could just go backwards and not feel the pain of the moment.

The problem is that we so often see our promises from God, but we fail to have a Joshua attitude about the process and journey God allows us to take to get to them. A Joshua attitude, is a faith-filled, Godly perspective, Holy Spirit led attitude that will enable us to enter into the promises. Moses was hindered by the people of God who continued to find fulfillment in customs and habits formed from the Egypt days. If the people of God had trusted the leader, maybe Moses would have seen the promised land and the journey differently? Is it possible that it was not just Moses’ unbelief that kept him from the promise, but the people’s attitudes quenched his ability to fulfill his ultimate call. I believe it was both the leader and the followers… but all it took was Godly perspective to change the outcome for one believer… Joshua.

Please hear me, this is for all of us to take note, and review our heart. Wives, please do not allow your frustrations to hinder the call of God on your life and your husband’s life by having a grumbling, justified, unforgiving heart. Christians, remember that it was not only Moses who forfeited the promised land…the followers of Moses did not go in either.

We must recognize things that would cause us to live in this Egypt syndrome and miss out on God’s dream for our lives.

I pray that today we would take note and ask the Holy Spirit to enable us to break off the Egypt Syndrome and step into a place where we can be healed, transformed, set free and able to see Gods provision in our daily lives, and ultimately fulfill the call of God on our lives.

Go, spend a little time in prayer. Ask for a Godly perspective on each and every mundane task, every source of jealousy, every negative accusatory thought.  Repent, and allow God to change your perspective, thoughts, words… Read the Word and be renewed in your mind, Remember again, the promises you have from God, His dreams for you and Finally be Restored into the powerful weapon (against the enemy and for the kingdom) you were called to be.


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  1. Jv says:

    Good post!


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