7 things I would tell a new leader in ministry.

7 things I would tell a newby in ministry:

1- Spend time with God daily. Don’t get so involved with serving that you forget your source of strength. Spending time with God gives you a balanced attitude and perspective. True Confidence comes from God. Give God the 1st & best of your time!

2- Have a mentor… or two. You don’t have to walk alone. You shouldn’t walk alone! Someone needs to be able to correct you! Ministry can be lonely, but you are not alone, Pray for and find someone who is stronger than you in the Lord, can encourage you, will challenge you ,and who is walking ahead of you in ministry.

3- Strive to be a God pleaser, being a person pleaser only leads to disaster. Not everyone is gonna like you or the way you do things, some will even betray you (harsh but true). Do what God tells you to do. Look for approval from God not people. Be yourself and always guard your heart against hurt and offense. Don’t compare yourself or your ministry to others… period.

4- Step out. If God has called you to do something…. do it to the best of your ability. God will fill in the rest. Don’t give up!!!!! Don’t give into insecurity!

5- Be Humble. You do not have to have all the answers. Say “I don’t know”.  You are not perfect so don’t try to be. God resists the proud! GRACE- God’s divine ability comes to those who are humble aka: dependent on HIM>

6- Learn the enemies tricks and don’t fall for them. His #1 tactic is to use everyday things to distract or disqualify you from ministry. YOUR FAMILY IS YOUR FIRST MINISTRY – Never allow a negative heart to build towards your spouse. Guard it well: Ie: *Every time you and or your family goes to minister you will be opposed….   Don’t talk about serious, touchy subjects  before or on the way to church… a fight is a great way to steal the joy. *After you minister… u will face feelings of insecurity…. Don’t live in it. Learn from mistakes, but don’t let them limit you. Mistakes should propel you forward.

7- BE NICE> error on the side of loving people… not discipline. Most people get crazy stressed and mean when under pressure. Make a note of it and do what you must to be nice when under pressure. People’s eternal destiny is more important than your rule.

Bonus: HAVE FUN!

Read more: https://bayareamomma.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/the-youth-pastors-wife/


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