got a gift for ya… my worship playlist. enjoy.

I want to give you a playlist of some of my favorite worship songs. Why? Worship has changed my life!

I love music, and as a teenager I listened to it all. While preparing to go on a missions trip with my youth group, I was challenged to “fast secular music“. Worshiping God has always been a passion of mine. I loved God and loved worship, but I loved music, so I filled my life with Radio music all day long. I took the challenge to cut off the secular music, I’m telling you, my life has never been the same. There is no other place were I feel more inspired, encouraged and free than in God’s presence. Music and worship are vastly different. Music keeps and puts the mind on YOU, your dreams, desires, ect. Worship is where you give God all your cares, worries, issues, dreams and desires and trust Him with them. Sometimes it is a sacrifice but Worship is always an offering to God. Lifting Him high, we see our problems come into alignment with His view point.

I realized with the secular music fast, that every song I allowed in was affecting my heart. Songs have purpose… they affect our emotions our thoughts. Let me encourage you with this… Take time today to get your thoughts off of you, and onto God by worshiping Him and I promise that God will meet with you, give you joy in impossible situations, and give you peace in the storm.

So here ya go, just click on the link below to go to my you tube worship playlist: tube playlist


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