Mother’s Day Post. Not just any woman.

On a busy Sunday morning none of my kids wake up on their own even though it is way past the normal wake up time, reluctantly my sleepy eyed kids roll out of bed and try to wake up… then just like clockwork the morning begins… they need help to do hair, find the other shoe, get breakfast, clean a stain off what they have chosen to wear (even though the clean outfit I picked out is right there waiting), the normal melt down happens over a hair that is out of place, and the baby is sitting in my lap or tugging on my leg as I desperately try to straighten my hair in a humid bathroom while tripping over stray toys and sipping, no gulping down my much needed coffee. Time is ticking away and we are all trying hard to be ready for Church on time… This may sound chaotic to you, but it brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. I love being a mom, and though it is full of challenges, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Do you have a memory that sounds a little like this ? I imagine getting out the door on time to an event  with children is the most challenging job in the world. lol.

The job of a mom is a little like this, doing the best she can with the time she has to best equip us to get to our destination well prepared and on time. Wow. What a job.

Here is a short list of responsibilites, with many left out: CEO, Teacher, Professional Organizer, Transportation Director, Operations Director, Master Chef, Decorator, Architect, Recreation Director, Stylist, & Guidance Counselor. ect…….

Whether you are a man or a woman, a mom, not yet a mom, never want to be a mom, desiring to be a mom, mom of children in heaven or have lost your mom… mother’s day is for all of us. Mother’s Day touches us all. It reminds us of how important this role of mom is. She is not just any other woman. But this concept goes much further than just natural motherhood. When we talk about something being the “mother” of all things, we are implying the originator and most important of all.

I want to address all the women reading this whether you are a mom or not, You were designed by God to be an originator. You are not just any other woman… I believe you are called to be a Spiritual mother. This only comes from a place of maturity after having spent time with God. You are called to help equip others to get to their destination well prepared and on time! To help take others from a frantic place of immaturity to a realization of God’s purposes for life. God wants to empower you in this role.

Let’s talk about this job of motherhood in the bible. It  is so important that one of the very first stories of people in the bible is about a mother. We see her shortcomings and yet we see that God didn’t leave her out of the account of creation in His story.

At the beginning of her creation she is named woman, seemingly generic and just a help mate … She actually walked with God and had a relationship with him… but in selfishness, her decision to walk away from God and listen to the lies of the enemy caused her to follow her own path. It ended in disaster…. It seemed as if her future would be cut off.

But listen here, God’s plan was always redemptive… The first name change that happened in the bible was for “woman” aka:Eve.  Even though she disobeyed God & was corrected by Him, aka: had a real God encounter… she was not left out. She found out her real calling. She was destined to be a mother… after she gave birth, Adam changed her name to Eve… she was now the mother of all mankind. She was not just any other woman now, she had purpose and destiny.

All throughout the bible, women are held in high esteem.  Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheeba and Mary are listed in the Geneology of Jesus in a day and age when women were invisible and not highly regarded, Yet our amazing God chose imperfect women, who were not even qualified to be part of his lineage. God  did not overlook them, and even in the very creation of the world, He took the time to describe the first woman and mother Eve for us. You may disqualify yourself because of past issues, or family dysfunction… but God does not disqualify you. He wants an encounter with you that would be so deep that your name would have to be changed.

Today, on a day that evokes many memories, joys, laughter, appreciation, but also for some, disappointment, failure and even pain and loss…. remember that the first mention of a mother that God has carefully mapped out in scripture is one that is laced with trial followed by triumph. Purpose and destiny. Revelation and redemption. She was not just any woman. She was called and destined for greatness… just like you!

You have purpose, whether you are a natural mom or not. Here is the adjective of the word mother:  give origin or rise to. God has things he created and planned before the beginning of time that only you can accomplish… only you can give origin to.

No matter what part of this journey you are on as a woman…

Ask Him today, to change your perspective from being that of just another woman, and one who has been given power to do all that he created you for. The challenge of a mother everyday is to grow in grace, grow in God, Grow in giving of oneself, & grow in gifting.

You are not just any other woman. You have been specifically named for your purpose… The most beautiful thing about becoming a natural mother is that you have nine months to prepare… (God always prepares you) But the real miracle comes when the baby arrives and instinct miraculously kicks in… We were made for this! We don’t have to try to make it happen… But as the word of God says… the older should help the younger… a good mother finds an experienced mother around her to give her advice and support… cause she has done it already.

One warning for you, Satan is always looking to abort-kill the new birth… in our day, Abortion cuts off the life, and postpardum depression is a tool used by Satan to get mothers to give up, be depressed, feel bad, and at times eventually leads to mothers abusing the child and even murder…. In the bible we see the stories of Moses, and Jesus.. who called to take people to their destiny, miraculously missing the murder of all baby boys. Please don’t let the enemy abort your call in the time of growth that is most important. Find a spiritual mother that will not give up on you or leave you alone. Get connected to your church!

I challenge you… whether you are a busy mom or just on the journey of womanhood, you can do all that God has made you for, don’t give up! You are not just any other woman!

Happy Mother’s Day!

P.S.I love you mom… thanks for being both an amazing natural and spiritual mom… I am who I am cause you never have given up on me or on God!


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