Thirsty much?!

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...
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Check yourself, If you find yourself not thirsty for God, perhaps u just need to need to start running again!

How do you recognize the problem? Pinpoint your lack of vision. Usually we get distracted and are not running towards a clear goal… putting our eyes on our circumstances and taking them off God. This causes discouragement, frustration, & lack of desire to serve.

So, not finding yourself thirsty much? Start running! Get up!!! Look to God, Look ahead (vision, purpose),  and get moving for Him!  .

“... to all who are thirsty, I will give freely from the springs of the water of life.” // drink up! my hubby jonjon4jc Jon Jon Wilkins just tweeted this verse: LOVE it!


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  1. Jane Fitc h says:

    I am checking myself. Well put – great analogy. Thank you Elana.


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