living without regret

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So sad to hear that Amy Winehouse died today. I can’t help feeling that she must have left behind some dreams and visions for her life. I wonder if she lived her life full of regret. So much potential never tapped into.

It seems evident that even though she seemed to have fame and fortune, there were personal goals and things she desired to accomplish that were left undone that tormented her on the inside.

She is not alone, we have things right now that make us frustrated when we lay our head down to sleep. I want to remind you….God Cares about the those little things… the things that go on in your heart. Don’t give up!!!! God’s dreams for us are way bigger than ours, He is more than able to help us accomplish our potential.

….I found a scripture this week… Eph. 4:26 “don’t sin by letting anger control you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry!” It completely speaks to us about not living life with regret.

I wish Amy could have known the amazing love of God and known security in her worth. Sometimes it’s those very things that we wished we had done, that we regret, or that we seem to have no control over that steal away our feeling of security in God.

Think about your heart, and those things that you wish you could do but have not yet accomplished. People you should have loved on, personal goals still unmet, God-dreams untouched, sin that seems to overtake you. God cares about all those things… they are the things that really matter. We waste tons of time on things that are meaningless and forget to do the things that at the end of the day we really needed to.

Not letting the sun go down while you are angry is prioritizing your life and purposefully and strategically working on those things that nag u as you lay your head down to sleep. What is stealing your self worth? These are the things that make you angry about life, that make u feel like a failure.

Not going letting the sun set while you are angry requires God-Centered time management :o)

I would venture to say that we all have a few nagging things that seem to never get done… or things that we regret each day. God is challenging us to ask for His help. Make it a priority to work on those things that left undone will cause us to wake up with burdens!!!!!

What are those Burdens that weigh us down and make us angry on the inside? Some of the best advice I ever got was from my Dad was Never go to bed still angry at someone. Make it right!

End of day strategy: release it to God and ask for help to prioritize tomorrow ….

God desires that we live a life without regret! What are you doing about it? The bible says to “commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will make your plans succeed.” Don’t stu on the frustration!!!! God is an amazing time management coach. Talk to Him about it. Ask for wisdom and help to do what HE wants you to. Talk to your pastor about it. But whatever you do – don’t stand idly by and live a life full of regret! Don’t give up!!!!

“Cast your cares upon the Lord, and HE will sustain you!” Go to him – He will help you accomplish the things that seem impossible!


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