Stuck on Pause

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Call it the 3 o’clock grind. Or that “I need coffee now” feeling! But the world around me is spinning…. going at full speed and today, I am on pause! Summer is in full swing and my kids are constantly looking for something to do. My kids are having a blast! And it’s the leftovers of the “blast” that helps me identify who did what! :o) So if life is so full, why am I on pause? It’s that “I just don’t feel like keeping up” feeling. I am stuck on pause!
(Insert negativity here)

Have you ever felt this way?

Have you ever noticed when you are on pause, negativity seems to join it?

Here is what God gently told me today…”I am the God who gives you peace and joy along the journey and enables you to Run and not get weary, walk and not faint.”
The God of Forward Momentum. God has given me spiritual & natural gifts and expects me to put them to good use… not bury them. Which is exactly what getting stuck on pause does.
I realize that I put myself on pause and then allowed the negativity to join the party!

Getting stuck on pause happens in our spiritual life as well as our natural lives & negativity spreads like a wildfire and causes havoc in our homes.

My prayer for you today is that you can stand up out of the frustration and see God’s big heart for you! Grab a hold of His hand and he will help you get out of pause and back in play! Look up out of the mess, and see the joy, and simple pleasures of life. It’s a choice!

A couple keys to getting out of pause that have helped me!

1-Listen to an encouraging podcast

2-Look for a smile, listen for a laugh in those around you and take a moment to enjoy life!

3-Start with a small task and keep going, obey God in the small things :o)

4- Remember to “work wholeheartedly as serving the Lord not man.”

5- Worship


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