Moving Forward.

Ethan turns 2 today and I no longer have a baby… I have a boy. The last of my 4 beautiful children to make it past baby stage and into toddler age. And boy does my house show it. lol. It is hard to move forward sometimes.

I was looking at baby pictures and no, It didn’t make me want to have another baby, but it did make me miss my babies.

Very nostalgic today as I come to the realization that the baby phase is over. What a tragedy it would be if I did not know the HUGENESS of the calling and anointing on my children as they move forward, grow up and fulfill their destiny. And what I would miss if I could not enjoy their now.

Are you like me…

Two categories we fall into:

1- Thankful for the past and yet moving forward

2- Looking backwards missing what is in front of us and ahead. Nostalgic can easily turn into regret and dissatisfaction.

What are you looking backwards at today? Peter had to fix His eyes on Jesus and grab hold of his hand when he began to sink after looking at the huge body of water he was walking on…. Fix your eyes on Jesus, and He will give you strength, wisdom, joy and strategy for the task ahead. He’s reaching out His hand for you too! He will enable you to enjoy your now & move forward!!!!

Prov. 4:25 Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.


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  1. Lorraine castle says:

    You have no idea how this met me today. My nostalgia is about past relationships and how I spool wanted to be closer to some people and yet I know god is separating me and preparing me for a different direction. I so-loved these people and they were so a part of my identity so it is difficult, but I must continue to move forward even with a broken heart. I just got stuck today re living the pain of the loss. Thanks again for the encouragement


    1. bayareamomma says:

      So glad we could connect Lorraine. I will be praying for you. I have been in transition with friends many, many times… some out of life directions, some out of location separation, some out of betrayal, BUT God has Always filled up the lack with His love. He is constant. Bank on it 😮 ) Thanks for letting me know how this blessed you today 😮 )



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