Laundry Piles

Image by spike55151 via Flickr

I have admitted it before, and I will do it again, Laundry is my arch nemesis. As a mother of 4, PILES of laundry always sit in my garage\LAUNDRY area. Clothes to be sorted, given away, sizes to be switched out, ect. Thankfully it is usually clean piles, but none the less, piles. I even have the piles organized into categories and names… but they rarely make it out of those piles and into properly put away drawers and closets.

The truth. It makes me feel like a bad mom sometimes. And I so wish that my laundry area looked like that perfect magazine pix above :o) lol.  I look at mine and it reminds me that I am not in fact super mom. That I have this thing that stares me in the face screaming at me of my shortcomings and then the slippery slop comes of remembering all my other shortcomings floods in too.

This is precisely when God inserts a ray of hope. He loves me in spite of my shortcomings.

Someday when my kids are grown I will miss these piles.. well maybe not :o), but I will, at least, miss what they represent. God loves you\ME through our shortcomings but he never lets us get comfortable in them. He challenges us with a strategy of how to get stronger, better at doing the task ahead. The Question is: Are we listening?

Perspective and Attitude are everything with my Laundry…. God always reminds me that loving my kids is more important than keeping up with my own expectations for myself. People are more important than goals accomplished. The Laundry must get done so the strategy:  He reminds me to thankful to him for the blessing of such a huge pile of clothes and household items and then pray over each person as I fold their clothes. My choice of attitude while doing it is my strength or failure. My attitude reveals whether I am depending on God for the strength to do the task or just toughing it out with my own strength – side note: toughing it out usually brings a healthy portion of resentment with it.

What is your “laundry pile” today? What is it that seems to never get done, that makes you say “I can’t”?.

Ask God for His perspective & the right attitude towards your “pile”. God does not promise to take the pile away, but He promises joy and strength for the task if we depend on Him. Work at it serving God, not people. God has a perfect way of helping us find the time we need to get our daily work done.

You are not a failure and don’t listen to those lies! Refuse to let your pile define, control, or manipulate you. The pile in your life is not your identity! Our identity is in Christ, not our ability to conquer the pile … don’t forget that! Look up and at the One who can give you hope, joy and peace in the midst of the pile.

My advice, Pray, admit that you need God and ask for Grace to do the work. Turn on some upbeat worship music and take on that pile.  U can do it! Ok- time for me to do some laundry :o)

Here is one of my favorite “get me up and going” songs: What are your favorite songs? I need a few new ones :o)


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  1. Siobhan says:

    What a blessing this post was today,laundry is such a struggle for me no matter how much effort I put forth I always feel defeated.I have put off laundry sine last week waiting to have a full day to devote to it,which is today,with a family of 8 you can imagine my task at hand but now I am gonna have a different attitude toward it today I’m gonna use each load as an opportunity to pray over my family and sing my worship songs while doing it,thank you elana for the blessing,
    Love siobhan


    1. bayareamomma says:

      Awe Siobhan- What an amazing thing God has done in your life since summer camp ages ago. And such a beautiful family you have. So very proud of you and how you have chosen to love God and bring your family up in Godly ways. Love you and great connecting with you.
      -Love Pr. Elana


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