Choose Joy- Day 3

Here we are at Day 3. Yesterday’s Post was a simple reminder of Where our Joy comes from! We serve a God of JOY! He is not just out to punish us or remind us of our faults… God intends for our lives to be full of life and laughter…. Joy! What JOY for those who’s hope is in the Name of the LORD! If you are without that link to God’s overflowing joy, If you have lost your hope in Jesus, then you are most likely going through life in your own strength. Left to ourselves, we can only find happiness, which is based on circumstances. Jesus provided access to God, our joy source, which overrides all circumstance. My prayer for your day is that you have clear access, through Jesus, to the overflowing source of Joy from God that is rightfully yours!

Here is day 3 of Pr. Kay Warren’s Choose Joy series:

<p>Choose Joy | Day 3 from <a href=””>Kay Warren</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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