temper, temper…. just when I was trying to “choose joy”.

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 So right in the middle of posting about “choosing Joy”, I was given a perfect opportunity to practice it. \Warning: we are not perfect :o) We are a continuing work in progress. Truth: Chaos was the word in our house for a few minutes the other night…  I would be a liar if I tried to pretend that our house was always perfect. lol. The kids were not happy with each other, and I was not happy with them. Enough said. I would LOVE for the house to always be in order, and for my kids to never bother each other. I have amazing kids who are for sure going to be nation shakers for Jesus, but at times I feel like I am just “living on a prayer” – with hope that I am teaching them right. I mess up at times and even my temper flares.   Even though we are Pastors, we are real people and desperately need the Holy Spirit working in our lives to help us temper our attitudes.  But our trials develop Godly Character right… so we must learn how to overcome the battles of the day & “keep our temper”.

Temperature. : degree of hotness or coldness measured on a definite scale.

If something is tempered it is  : having the elements mixed in satisfying proportions : temperate. 

I am working hard to teach my children how to be Godly, have right attitudes, and treat each other with kindness & not “lose their temper”. I need to be honest in my evaluation and expectations of myself in these areas before I can ever expect my kids to know what to do. Here is a quick illustration I gave my kids tonight when dealing with our Hot tempers. Our emotions are like a thermostat. They can go from freezing cold, to super hot. The most comfortable temperature is a balance between these two. the trick is how to get it there:

I used  this moment of chaos in our home as a teachable moment to explain to the kids about what to do when we get a “too hot temper”. After everything settled down I asked the kids what they learned to do:

Here is their answer: I guess my efforts are working after all.

thermometer : What to do when you get mad: by my kids.

1- relax

2- have self-control

3- Pray

4- wait

5- have patience

6- ask for forgiveness

7- do to others what you would want them to do to you.

8- take a time out

9- “you know when you are mad at someone and you just feel like punching them out, but then you just have that feeling in your heart that tells you to stop”…. listen to your heart aka: the Holy Spirit

10- shake it off

11- eat something or take a nap- when you are grumpy it usually means you are hungry or tired.

12- love one another – do something nice for that person instead of being mean like you want to.

13- flashback to a good memory and think about it until your attitude changes

14- stop talking and listen

15- talk to a leader. (Parent, pastor, counselor.)

I think these things about sum it up :o) lol. I have the BEST kids!!! Love them. That was an amazing list of 15 things… especially for kids ages 9 and under to come up with. I am so proud!

I just have one more to add: CHOOSE JOY!  When we are dependent on God, He gives us strength to choose right attitudes… so today, we chose joy!


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  1. April Monesi says:

    So thankful to receive your blogs/posts. Praise the Lord for teachable moments and His work in our lives. Yeah I had a chance to practice self control and choose joy yesterday. At work some little thing happened. Then when they thought I was gone and they started talking about me. I heard them and my ears started literally getting really hot. I was having all these negative and ungodly thoughts….and then I said to myself I choose joy!! I had to say many times before I was able to cool off. And I prayed a lot also. Hallelujah overcoming is awesome, joy is beautiful and sisters encouraging each other is what we need.


    1. bayareamomma says:

      I love having this avenue to share. April thanks so much for stopping by… I can’t imagine how you felt with that kind of betrayal… but wow, what a great God we serve, even though things still are hard, He gives us ALL we need and more to rise above the way the world reacts to things.
      I am so glad to serve with you at Harvest.
      Have a blessed week :o)


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