Beyond what I can see.

HK Toys R Us

Just came downstairs after letting my kids “watch tv” for a bit. I think almost every toy we own is out of place and upside down… and my oldest doesn’t even play with toys anymore. There is a mess everywhere I can see! It kinda looks like a Toys R Us   at the end of a long, busy day. lol. Yet, It is the work of only 4 very happy kids. Yes, everything can be put back place, but soon after it is put away it finds it’s way out again. Truly for the moment (maybe the season) the only way to walk around in the living room is to walk on, or step over something.

Guilty Truth = I am ignoring it to the best of my ability….sitting with you on the computer, not cleaning. In fact, It’s in these moments that I tend to need motivation to even get started. I dream that Mary Poppins   would walk in and snap her fingers… wouldn’t that be nice? I just need a little motivation to get up get this place back in order, for the millionth time. I need a little hope beyond what I can see.

It is always at this crossroad that You and I have a choice, either be irritated with the crazy mess or choose another perspective, a God perspective. Our attitude is a choice afterall. We can choose to look beyond the mess! You see, my oldest who is 11 does not care to play with toys anymore. It was just a few minutes ago that she was the one sitting on the floor with the barbies…

Here is a quick truth for you if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

The mess & memories of today will be gone so quickly.  It goes by so fast people! I was told this, but I forget it often!
Don’t forget to step over the mess sometimes and enjoy your life & kids.
Don’t forget to look for help and joy from the One who gave you this assignment in the first place.
Is it messy? Yep!
Is it tiring? Yep!
Is it worth it? No question! Yes!
As a pastor, I have learned that every investment of time & help I make in the lives of others  is of incredible value. As parents the same is true! Every time we choose to love, instruct, teach, pray with, play with and clean up after our kids, we are investing in their future. We have been called to these children. This is our 1st & most important job\ ministry.  So I encourage you to step beyond the mess  …. Look up at the one who can help you see that You are impacting a world beyond what you can see.  You are investing – planting seeds for the future, that is sure to reap a great harvest, If you don’t lose hope. Enjoy your life and family now! It is worth it! God promises to give us Grace and joy IN the journey. Look Beyond what you see in front of you, and see what God sees!

1 Corinthians    10:13
The Message (MSG)

No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God   will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you come through it.


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  2. so true,i try and stop to remember how fleeting these moments are every time i feel overwhelmed and done with it all,i know this is a season in life and i know without a shadow of a doubt i will miss it.It can be so challenging to put things into perspective sometimes and just live i the moment but i know in the end i dont want my children to only remember the state of the house but instead remember the memories with mom living wildly choosing to spend another hour at the beach,another bedtime story a crazy trip late at night to order ice cream just cause we can.many times i fail in finding the balance but the wins are just that much sweeter.


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