10 Commandments of Small Group leading

1- Keep yourself pure. Right heart, attitude, motives, actions, speech and expectations! I tim. 5:22

2- Come Ready. Be there early, Be prayed up, read up (bible) and ready with a plan.

3- Pray Before You Say. Speak only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs.

4- Don’t dominate or be dominated. Interact.

5- Love those in your group more than you expect from them. Invest into their lives by Loving them and knowing about them. Contact them outside of group setting. (FB- twitter, phone, email ect.) Seek them out!

6- Don’t tolerate negativity. In yourself or your group. Choose Joy! Smile!

7- Incorporate Jesus and The Word Of God into every mentoring moment! Small groups should inspire people to grow closer to God!

8- Have fun. laugh. play. inspire.

9- As a leader, at minimum do what you are asking your group to do. God is a REWARDER of those who diligently seek Him. Be ready to live out the words… follow me as I follow Christ.

10- You must be a Disciple before you make disciples. You can only be a great leader if you are first a great follower. Submit to your leadership willingly … Pure Heart issue.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. what a great list and an appropriate balance of making sure our acts are together while we care for others and help them grow towards christ. thank you for the post.


  2. SUch an insightful post! There IS so much reponsibility in leading! Thank you for reminding me!


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