10 things I learned in 10 years about being a mom.

10 years ago I gave birth to my first beautiful baby. She turns 10 on Wednesday! Look at that picture…. I was so young. lol.  The years flew by so fast, there were moments when time “flew” slowly… but they have been priceless! :o) There are so many things I have learned about motherhood since then.

Here are a few of them:

1- GET filled up spiritually. Your healthy heart will reproduce itself! Your unhealthy heart will too! To be a spiritually healthy and productive mom, (aka: loving mom) we must first be filled up with God’s love… cause let’s face it- We don’t always FEEL like loving!

2- They grow up fast!!! Enjoy the small moments. Remember to Laugh. Remember to Play. Remember to enjoy life! Stop cleaning and doing, and just hold your babies. The precious baby moments will fly by. Play with them. Believe it or not, the toy years actually end… and you will miss it.

3- God will balance your family life if you let Him. Every time I go to God with my pre-planned schedule and pray about it before doing it…. He always adjusts it and makes it way better. He helps me see through His eyes what can wait til tomorrow & what is not important long-term for my kids. I always seem to have more time when I let God balance my time…. by praying about what to adjust. Sometimes the things I think are good ideas for my kids are not God’s priorities… His always bring eternal rewards. Personal devotions (prayer+bible) & Church should never get pushed off the list… it is like a tithe… when we give it first, God blesses all the rest!

4- Don’t be so worried about your husband – what he is and isn’t doing. Let him love the kids in his own way. Let go of your expectations for others and trust God.

5- Don’t resent the times you are alone... I am a mom in ministry… and I found myself parenting alone many times, sometimes for weeks at a time. The times you find yourself alone, run to God. God is using the alone time to draw your self-dependent, yet people-needing heart to Him. He will fill the lack!

6- Every word and every attitude you allow is an investment into your children. Invest wisely. They will imitate you. Make everyday problems into teachable moments. If you make a mistake turn it around to show them how to properly react.

7- Be consistent with LOVE & Discipline. These are the most important things and speak the loudest about God.  Don’t neglect to discipline and train your kids…but spend more time LOVING them than you do disciplining them. REWARD your kids with love even when they don’t deserve it. Love unconditionally! Always spend time loving on them after you discipline them.  In the toddler years it feels as though all you do is discipline, be consistent & don’t give up… they will learn how to manipulate you if you let them.

8- Parent with your own armor. Don’t compare yourself or judge others based on your own convictions. The only things you can be sure about are those things that are directly from the Word of God. All those things that were essentials in the beginning, “those things” YOUR kids would never do…  they all change and adjust! Parent the way God tell you to! Don’t worry about other people’s opinion… much easier said than done because judgement hurts, but Run to God and get your game plan… not TV or a book. Our world of competition is just a carry on from high school of popular vs unpopular. Don’t get caught up in all the stuff you are supposed to be doing or involved in… Do what pleases God.

9- Perfect moms do not exist. Give yourself a break. :o) Let the house go sometimes and take time to enjoy your life… rather than manage and control it.

10- Dream God Dreams. The adjustment from Single-woman to motherhood can bring huge questions regarding your personal dreams & call from God. Most of us don’t talk about this… cause we want to look perfect.

I have had 4 kids and wrestled with depression during the times of change in each season… Call it postpartum or real life but here is what God showed me through it…  ALL through the bible we see the enemy hating children… Whole nations of babies being killed: (Times of Moses, Jesus, Pagan Sacrifice ect) And we see it today, with abortion. I think postpartum depression is part of this too. Mom’s killing their children… makes my heart ache. I think we are in a battle for the next generation & we need to recognize it as so. It’s a sneaky trick of the enemy to make us useless because of hidden depression… we then don’t take our place as a mom, a minister or teach our children what they need for Godliness.

We must fight the battle! We need to admit our frustrations and get encouragement from others! God cares about it… depression comes when we don’t know what to do next, when we can’t see beyond our now, when our dreams seem to have died, when our dreams for our children seem too big, and when it feels like we are all alone.

God wants to restore our vision and give us HIS DREAMS for ourselves and our children!

PRAY about everything, LOVE unconditionally, Encourage daily & Train in every moment.

You can do this!!!!! Anything is Possible Through Christ who gives us strength!  Praying for you today!

Love- Elana

Want more on this…. Here is a new book that I am about to read: It looks great!

@KerriWeems: from her twitter:
“My new book for moms is out! You can purchase #cluelessbook today on my website: kerriweems.com/resources”

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Debbie says:

    Elana, my children are grown, but I am still loving this. So much wisdom and grace in here. So glad your children have a momma like you! and that you have them!
    God bless you as you enjoy your calling in Christ!


  2. Elena, this is an AWESOME post! I love it!! I especially like the section on depression in parenting. I struggled a lot with depression after each of my kids too. There is something about the LIE that children equal the death of a dream that caused me to stumble. Thank you for reminding me my reaction was both normal and overcomable. Last, I am speaking to a MOPs group in October, and I would love to share this post with them. Is that OK? You will get all the credit :0)
    Stephanie Haynes


    1. bayareamomma says:

      Stephanie, depression is such tool of the enemy… so tired of hearing of so many of us struggling with it…. Time to fight back! And yes of course you can use the list… and no credit needed. :o) Just happy it may help another mom out there! :o)


  3. Sarah Mero says:

    Great advice. Thanks!!!


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