Lonely on facebook.

Have you ever had one of those lazy evenings when you lounge on your computer watching the live feed of social networks…? lol. Surfing around to all your favorite sites, flipping through TV channels… Ever have that night when nothing seems to be good enough? It’s that night when your soul is restless and you just couldn’t get enough interaction! I think in this facebook world, there are a HUGE number of very lonely people out there. The feeling that our FB interactions are just surfacy.  We can easily slip into a downward spiral of  negative thoughts …. Angry at issues people & self, Bored, sad, introspective. Self focused.

Did you know that the conversation of our hearts is usually 90% negative? It’s like FB is just an extension and magnification of the conversation going on in our hearts. Just like in real life, many people are wearing masks, pretending to be ok & Some people just blurt out all the junk in their hearts. What goes on in your heart as you are searching FB? It is a huge indicator of your focus and “God status”.

I’m pretty sure that the enemy of our souls just LOVEs our new FB world sometimes. I love facebook and use it for many great reasons but When you find yourself in this situation, I just want to remind you…  God can turn your loneliness into Alone time with HIM that produces peace, joy, confidence and a full heart.  God wants your real heart… He can see right thru your facebook and twitter status’. He sees the questions and loneliness on the inside.

“Man looks at the outward, but God looks at the heart”

If you find yourself lonely in the midst of a huge facebook world… don’t go looking for new conversations, new friends or controversial issues… Please understand that your lonely feeling is a “status update” of what’s going on in your heart. More online stuff will not fill your lonely heart. Only God can do that.  Push past the “I don’t feel like it” heart and Run to God, his word and worship… (By the way, EVERYONE has times when they don’t feel like running to God and opening up the Word… PUSH past those feelings… breakthrough for you is just on the other side of your push)

So Run to God… He will turn your loneliness into Alone time… and you will soon realize your heart is all healed up. Get your eyes off yourself and onto God!

Maybe make a small step and click on someone’s Scripture status update and read through it, let it sink in, let God encourage and inspire you! YOU were called with a purpose before the foundation of the earth. Get God focused and find out what He wants you to do with your today!

Praying for you today.

Now just a hint: why not use Facebook as a way to pray about issues?… let the Facebook conversation of your heart turn from negativity and loneliness to purposeful prayers to God about your heart and those on your friend list.


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