50 years of ministry and marriage.

Can you imagine getting married at 17\18, giving up a honeymoon and immediately moving to Mexico as a missionary…? That is exactly what my Mother & Father -in-Law did. Next year they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary which also co-coincides with their ministry and missionary anniversary.  After a few years in Mexico they embarked on a powerful journey to the country of Brazil where God has performed amazing miracles. Together they have planted many churches all over Brazil, raised up leaders and today serve as a true father & mother\Apostle to the churches and leaders they have raised. Just a few minutes of listening to their testimonies and you will be astounded at the ways in which God has provided for them. We were honored to have them in our house for 5 days, talking and gleaning… and needless to say, we had a wonderful weekend as they imparted into Harvest Church leaders. My Father-In-Law preached on Sunday about building a legacy. Incredible stuff. Look for a link to it in the future…..

As a woman in ministry, I was craving the insight of my mother-in-law on a few of the questions that were raised over the weekend. She raised 5 Godly Children who are all serving as Pastors today. When I asked her to do this she commented that she didn’t think she had anything to add to what her husband had said, that she was “so proud of Him and his preaching and advice over the weekend was fantastic”…. But that she would try to answer what I asked of her…. So I grabbed a cup of coffee, a pen and paper & sat down with her.

Here is what I asked “momma Lisa” about life and ministry… It will bless you no matter what area you serve at in ministry!

Q- What do you think is the most important thing for a woman to focus on in ministry?

A- Focus on how you can share your excitement about loving and depending on Jesus! Take time to look into other people’s lives and see their need! Figure out how you can help them and do it!

Q-  What did being a pastor’s wife look like for you?

A- I never wanted to be on the sidelines, I liked to be a team. I have a strong personality so I intentionally made sure he was the leader, I think that is biblical. I took time to follow up and cover all the bases in ministry.

Q- How did you eventually decide which areas were the most important to serve in, how can we determine that ourselves?

A- Start by identifying what you enjoy most doing for the Lord, I think figuring it out  comes when you counsel others on finding their spiritual gifts. It helps you clarify what you like yourself.

Q- What are some things you would counsel a woman in ministry to make a priority?

A   –Draw close to God, be in contact with Him everyday!

Worship! I find my greatest joy in worship, It gives me so much strength and excitement…. It makes me anxious to get to heaven, yipes! But I want to accomplish as much as possible before then!

Make your health and nutrition a priority. It will help you. I wish I had known more about it but God always provided and helped me to make the best of what I had.

Have a goal of being passionate and in love with Jesus! So excited to have another day with my love, Jesus!

Q- What are some common mistakes we should avoid?

A  -Becoming self-centered, not Christ centered. Watch out for this!!

-Having priority on your ministry over your values.

-Putting priority on financial goals

-Desiring Fame.

-Forgetting to guard your marriage.

Advice: Always be on guard and don’t give into temptation in these areas.

Q- What advice would you give to mothers who are serving in ministry?

A- Involve your kids in helping other people… but Guard them from the hard issues of ministry and of peoples lives that we counsel in ministry!

Sometimes they do end up finding out things they shouldn’t have to. When this happens: involve them by showing them how you work through peoples problems and crisis’. Make them responsible for part of the answer… Ask them what they would do in the situation and teach them the right thing. Do this so they will not stand back and criticize people or gossip… we can’t allow that.

We did this with our kids and I think it taught them values to make decisions with and enriched their heart to love others. I think it built a love for people and ministry in them.

Q- What advice would you give to women and mothers in ministry.

A-  –Find Balance by being obedient to the Word of God: Find your values and receive the Joy of the Lord from the bible.

Cultivate Love– have great compassion for others, make others happy as well as yourself (this includes family), Learn, Know, Teach others about God… God IS Love! Teach your kids about God’s love!

Grow in the Principles of God – teach your kids (natural and spiritual) stories from the bible.

Sure hope you enjoyed this short interview. Love hearing from those who have gone before us and built the foundation we now stand on! Thank you “Momma Lisa”!


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  1. stephanie says:

    Great post Elana! What a blessing to be able to gleen from your mother-in-law like this! Thank you for sharing.


  2. mariavolk says:

    Awesome read, I really enjoyed it. It’s always a pleasure whenever I get to hear a woman’s perspective on serving the Lord 🙂


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