RT @God

I just love reading through twitter. I follow many amazing pastors and leaders and often times when I am having a rough day, I will take a twitter break just to go find something encouraging to pump myself up with. What follows next: my poor followers then get hit with a barrage of “re-tweets“… And there you have it “RT @” whoever has inspired me that moment.
Maybe you are like me and you have some familiar places you run to for encouragement, a friend, a tv show or website. Maybe you are like me and you have a whole conversation in your heart of all you are facing in the moment and some of your insecurities, failures and fears seem to “RT” themselves even though uninvited.
Let me just take a moment to remind you that the only “RT’s” we should be believing and listening to are the ones that say “RT @ God“. Even though we may have some familiar places we run to when discouraged, if they are healthy for us, those places should lead us directly to the source of Joy, strength, purpose and vision… Our ever faithful God. If the places we run to lead us anywhere but Him, then we are setting ourselves up for a barrage of uninvited “RT”s from our own accusing heart and from the enemy too.

So how can we drown out all the other voices and let the “RT” of God be loud and clear?
1) Replay the Goodness of God! When we like a show or a movie we replay it. So take a moment and replay, remember the great things God has done in the past. Dwell on that for a bit. A thankful heart produces genuine joy.

2) Remember and sing out your favorite worship songs. If u take a worship break, I guarantee that you will remember one song after the other. Usually, you remember songs that are special to you. Let God speak to you through the words of the song.

3) Find and remember some favorite scriptures. Like songs, if u take time to remember the ones you have memorized u will be surprised what God brings to memory in your time of need. Go back and read everything you highlighted in your bible. Memorize some new scriptures… Look for “RT-able” scriptures for your life!!!!

4) Take out and replay old prophecies and personal promises. Even if it is only Jeremiah 29:11, remembering the promise that God has great plans for us is reassuring!

Let these words never depart from you but hide them in your heart and they will be a guide to you and a light for your path!

So whatever you are facing today, be it joyful or difficult remember to dwell on “RT @God” instead of “RT @circumstances”!

Whatever you fear is the very thing you are not fully trusting God with!

Choose trust and choose to set your mind and heart after the “RT”s of God today!


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