Nothing. From weakness to strength.

NOTHING. That word rang out Loud and clear in my head, over and over. I just felt as though I could do nothing. Thanksgiving was wonderful… I had so much fun. I felt so very thankful for the amazing blessing of my kids, my husband, my life! But on arriving home from a super fun Thanksgiving get away at my Parents house…   I looked around at the enormous pile in front of me of mangled suitcases, toys, shoes, coloring books, crayons ect. I felt a complete sense of loss. The holiday whirlwind mess…. Where in the world to start. And the kids after having been in the car for 10 hours were bouncing off the walls with a mixture of excitement and exhaustion. They were hungry. I felt like I wanted do nothing. I was tired and a bit emotional… lol. The thoughts quickly turned to failure… all my shortcomings as a mom, wife, pastor, ect. All my expectations of myself seemed to crash in front of me. I was just tired from a long day, but the feelings were real.

I am sure you have felt this at one time or another too. That feeling of Nothingness. Feelings that you are sure to fail with what you have in front of you. Thank God I know that emotions are not to be trusted… and I laid them all down in prayer at the feet of Jesus. He gave me a new perspective…. like He always does if I just get out of my own self absorption and look to Him to be my confidence. Thank Goodness my husband was there to help out, he stepped in and helped get kids to bed, and I took a few minutes to spend time with God… My nothingness melted away in light of God’s strength, and I truly found the confidence I was needing… Apart part from Jesus, I fail, But w Him I’m strong! “Yes, I am the vine… For apart from me you can do nothing.”Here is a link to what I read:

A good friend of mine posted this on Facebook today…”What I can produce in my own strength and abilities, on my best day, still amounts to NOTHING compared to what spending time in HIS transforming PRESENCE will produce in me!”

I think that about sums up what I am saying.

A quick note… when you feel lost don’t miss out on what God has put right in front of you as a way of escape… or help.  I have a good friend who has been posting a video blog about cultivating peace. It seems as though when we need it most, God provides us something that will give us extra encouragement and strength… if we only just take the time to receive it. If you are struggling with that nothingness feeling today… check out this blog… it will bless you like it is blessing me… from today’s post: “PEACE tip: “Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart” Give Him ALL your worries, fears & doubts.”


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  1. Elana…I So understand the “Nothing” feeling! Thank you for putting it into such beautiful words, and for the reminder to NOT trust in my emotions, but to trust in the almighty power of God.
    Thank you for the wonderful compliment as well. My prayer is that those who read this blog and are looking for more will find what they seek.


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