What if each individual in the church took their place and loved the way God intended? A pastor at our church recently said this: “Socialism is only a counterfeit perversion and twisting of Of Gods purpose for the church…” Acts 2 “all things in common”. As Christians we are to give. God so loved, that he GAVE us his very best, one and only sin, JESUS! we are to give… Not be forced to divide. Grace gives life, law brings death. If believers would take their place… Giving, loving, looking out for the needs if others …”Politically Correct” ideas would look like foolishness to the world because they would see Christians who are contagious because they are truly Loving People with great generosity. This Christmas season give generously! Get involved with Those who are effecting their community! If you are part of Harvest church… We are helping the monumental toy drive give away 4000 presents to children in need. Come help us! Find out more at


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