Where the Battle is Won or Lost

UMMMM. guilty mom confession…. The tree is still up! My suitcases are still unpacked all the way, the laundry is piled high, Oh and my 2yr old discovered that crayon and markers make pretty marks on the walls… Yep, one look at my house and an “I don’t want to do this” attitude kicks in. The Holidays were a whirlwind of crazy fun. Tons of kids running and playing  through out the house, a trip to Disneyland, endless laughter, sick days and an endless trail of memories aka: messes to clean up and new Christmas gifts to find homes for. It kind of looks impossible from here…. where do I put everything….maybe I can just throw everything away. lol.  In my own strength, I easily take on a negative “I don’t know where to start and so I give up attitude…..” And here is where I start initiating commando mom,”operation irritation”, clean up mode with my whole family.

Hello- this is not a fun day to be in my house… AND This attitude is a red flag that I am trying to do the “impossible” in my own strength. The bible clearly says…. For with God nothing shall be impossible…WITH GOD. http://bible.us/Luke1.37.KJV

Oh, duh… I need to go to God with this….. I need a new attitude, a new perspective and a new plan. I have found that if I just take my Impossibilities to God, whatever they may be in each day and season, and get His perspective, He gives me a plan to turn my impossible situations into a God sized, joy filled opportunities to bless others, and get the job done.

Maybe you’ve got a lot on your plate like me, maybe as you start this new year, you face a few things that seem like battles ahead of you. I guarantee you that if you go to God with it, He will show you His perspective and then allow you to use your situation for His glory to bless others. My 2012 Goal: Go to God with everything, get his perspective and prepare myself as a vessel to be be used for his Glory.

A consistent private life with God will always be a prerequisite for Him using your everyday issues to bless others…. but our battles are first won or lost in the secret places of our will in God’s presence, never in full view of the world.

So take some time and RUN to God, yes right now! Get His perspective on your situations.. trust me, you need it and it’s worth the extra time away in His presence for your whole life to be filled with peace instead of chaos.  Our battles will be won or lost dependent upon who we are trusting in…. So let’s stop doing it all ourselves and Let God take over…. yes, even in my daily life stuff… I want to give God my everything and be used by him. My best for HIS glory.

Here is where i got the inspiration for this post:

I loved this post from My Utmost fro his highest on Dec 27th and hope you do too:

Where the Battle is Won or Lost From My Utmost for His Highest! by Ozwald Chambers

’If you will return, O Israel,’ says the Lord . . . —Jeremiah 4:1

Our battles are first won or lost in the secret places of our will in God’s presence, never in full view of the world.

The Spirit of God seizes me and I am compelled to get alone with God and fight the battle before Him. Until I do this, I will lose every time.

The battle may take one minute or one year, but that will depend on me, not God. However long it takes, I must wrestle with it alone before God, and I must resolve to go through the entire process before Him.

Nothing has any power over someone who has fought the battle before God and won there.

I should never say, “I will wait until I get into difficult circumstances and then I’ll put God to the test.” Trying to do that will not work.

I must first get the issue settled between God and myself in the secret places of my soul, where no one else can interfere. Then I can go ahead, knowing with certainty that the battle is won. Lose it there, and calamity, disaster, and defeat before the world are as sure as the laws of God. The reason the battle is lost is that I fight it first in the external world.

Get alone with God, do battle before Him, and settle the matter once and for all.

In dealing with other people, our stance should always be to drive them toward making a decision of their will. That is how surrendering to God begins. Not often, but every once in a while, God brings us to a major turning point— a great crossroads in our life. From that point we either go toward a more and more slow, lazy, and useless Christian life, or we become more and more on fire, giving our utmost for His highest— our best for His glory.


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  1. Love this reminder to run to God in all things before things get out of hand! Thank you!!


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