20120214-092901.jpgFail. Life is actually good… So why is “fail” ringing in my mind today?
My 4 kids and I have had lots of intentional fun the last few days, I was able to begin the huge task of spring clothing sort for our family of 6, we had valentine making parties, we made pancakes for lunch, we had tea parties, movie nights, played super heros, had lunchbout alone with my hubby, and life is actually really good.

But somehow this morning I woke up with a fail stamped on my spirit. I walked around the house and saw what we didn’t finish yesterday… I found syrup spilled on the table, floor and chairs still… The messes and the projects to be done just seemed to crowd out all good. Does it ever seem like you can hear at the Gong ring you but you can’t seem to leave the stage? Do u ever feel like everyone maybe anyone could do it better than you? The guilt of all the I can’t, I don’t know how, and I didn’t, come rushing in. Some days it’s just the feeling that u have “epic fail” stamped over your life.

Maybe for you it’s the ever alluding valentines day, and the fail that seems to haunt you because you don’t have the special someone the media tells us we should have today. Or you feel dissatisfied with who u do have. I used to pride myself in being the grench of valentines day. I hated this day because it was just a reminder of what i didn’t have. Never mind that for the most part I chose to be single so that I would fulfill my desire and commitment to God to wait for the right guy. Instead of celebrating the love we do have in our lives, we compare our lives to others and feel Inadequate.

The two scenarios I listed above come together like this… Sometimes we have an expectation for ourselves that seems to bring a strong dissatisfaction and sense of personal failure over our lives.

I just want to remind you and me… Lol. That “fail” stamp is NOT from God. His love leads us to repent of sins but never accuses us of being a failure… In fact all that HE IS and does is to bringing us to confidence in Him so we can rise up and be used by him to do accomplish his will on earth with Joy.

Satan is the accuser… His job is to work overtime at planting “fail” in your mind. His goal is to render you useless in God’s Kingdom so you will stop and give up! The question is are we standing up to him or letting those thoughts run right over us?

We have a job too: get rid of every thought that screams “fail” over us. Throw those thoughts out with the trash… Don’t let “fail” settle into your heart! Run to God and let His peace guard your heart and mind! Let the power if the Holy spirit who resides in you as a believer in Jesus rise up!!!

Stamp out the fail flashing above your life and put in its place the hope you have in God of a fantastic future. Rise up and be an accomplisher of what you know is right for today! Choose to be happy with right now and just watch that fail stamp fade away and a conquering spirit rise up.


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  1. Bev Randolph says:

    You are so right abt. satan trying to put lies in our spirit all of the time….. And so right abt. what God wants us to believe abt. ourselves. …scripture that we need to read and believe every day. I love you! Happy Valentines Day to all of you, and I can’t wait to spend time with you all! Pray for us as we get ready for trip. love, Mom


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