Bags Packed…..

Baggage claim ecomo
Baggage claim ecomo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So i just went away to a fabulous retreat and remembered first hand the worry and stress of packing bags…

It wasn’t even the packing that bothered me… It was the worry of the forgotten items. In actuality i was overpacked and ended up lugging around things i didn’t even use.

I also am packing up my house for an eventual move later this summer, and what a crazy experience to sort through and see just how much unnecessary junk I have been trying to neatly organize and manage. I never knew how very freeing it would be to give things away!!! To go though and see what my family actually needs and get rid of things has made my daily routine sooo much easier. Less stuff = less mess.

Can i just say that we sometimes do this same thing with our spiritual journey! We pack, manage and store way too much unnecessary stuff! Our own expectations, Resentments, Fears, & insecurities sometimes corner us, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and overpacked….

I love this quote “GOD has perfectly packed your bags… every part of your personality and person was perfectly fashioned for his use.” Victoria Osteen. Isn’t that such a nice picture?

Often we look into our friends bag and try to pack similar things, we compare our spiritual, emotional and physical value by what others have…. Everything we try to add in this way is just Excess baggage… not worth it.

So many times my 4 kids have tried to pack their own bags for a trip we are going on… and the result is pretty laughable… the things that they think are necessary for our trip are so far from reality.

I’m sure God is not laughing at us, but he is wanting to remind us that all those things we are trying to hard to add to ourselves are actually unnecessary… he has perfectly packed our bags for the future… and HE will add to us whatever else is necessary for the journey, If we will just TRUST (surrender to & obey) Him! Ok… so the last thing we need are excess baggage charges. lol.  go unpack those unnecessary things… I am!


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