Why I respect my Husband…


This photo was taken a while ago… but just looking at it reminded me of the the many reasons I will always respect my husband, Here are just a few:

1- He LOVES our children unconditionally! You should see how amazing he is with our kids… and it is pretty easy to love our kids, but every parent will tell you, there are “those days” when it is harder… This is when my respect for him really kicks in! He always loves them through it… He chooses to play with them even after a hard day. His love for our children is UN-replaceable! I respect him for choosing to be the Daddy our kids need!

2- He HONORS God. He loves God with all of his heart, and this is evident when his choices honor God. I respect his unwavering pursuit of God, the way he reads the bible, the way he prays, the way he lives! His christian lifestyle makes others want to be just like him. I am proud to have a man like that! I respect you babe, for your choice to LOVE & serve God above anything! He has irreproachable character.

3- He Builds the Church. He LOVES to serve the church. He is loyal. In the 15 years we have been married, he has ALWAYS maintained a fervent love for the church… serving it, building it, leading it, and reproducing his passion for the church in others. I soooo highly respect his ever growing love for God’s church. He is always dreaming up new ways to extend the Kingdom of God and I respect him for it!

4- He is diligent. He always has a goal in mind, and runs the race strong until the finish! He is faithful and I can count on him. He makes wise decisions…. actually he is brilliant! He loves excellence and does everything with excellence.

5- He is visionary. He is always seeking the Lord for the next step. He dreams HUGE God dreams. He dreams beyond his own capabilities. He speaks vision which produces life…. in every counseling, church or home meeting. He speaks life to me, I am forever grateful for the way he has of lifting me out of my insecure rants… He speaks vision into me and points me to the Ultimate Visionary, our ever faithful God. I can’t tell you how much I respect him for this!

6- He is generous! He is generous with his love, his time, his money… He is always asking for the checkbook to write another check, or looking for someone to give to. He has always loved on the overlooked one, and cared for the broken. He did this in college when no one was looking, He didn’t have a title and he didn’t get accolades for it, but it was one of the things that drew me to him. I respect my husband for his generous heart. We have favor, because He releases favor… Oh ya, and He is an excellent & faithful with finances – the Tithe is ALWAYS first. We have never lacked.

7- He is an amazing Pastor. HE LOVES PEOPLE! He has compassion for the church. He is an excellent preacher of the Word. He teaches with passion, he instructs with wisdom and He preaches with grace… and swag. I LOVE to hear him preach. His preaching always leads people back to Jesus. He is an accurate prophetic voice to the church. I am amazed by the testimonies of how accurately the Lord spoke through him in prophecy. I love that he is humbled by the fact that God uses him in this way. I am so proud of the way he pastors!

There are so many things I could list that I respect about my husband… But these are a few of my favorites. This week is his birthday (April 19). I honor and respect you Jonathan Daniel Wilkins… and I love you too. Happy Birthday babe!

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