Two years ago this week I lost my son Jaden at the beach. Just a few moments ago I burst into tears as a news brief came on where a 3 year old girl was lost at the beach, and not found yet, silent prayers for her saftey through my tears… I saw pictures if a vigil and tears in the parents eyes. That could have been me. I am forever grateful for my family and all the miracles God has done for us… Seen & unseen. Here is my story:


Update:  Nov. 8, 2015… it has now been 5 1/2 years since this incident. My last update to this post was written before we knew where we would be moving… only 6 months later…  guess what? God is so funny. We moved and now LIVE in Pacifica, right at the very beach that this incident took place…. I didn’t even know the name back then. I drive by and walk this beach (LindaMar) everyday now and it is a constant reminder to me of what God has done. I had NO idea that I would one day call this beach home and take my kids, family and friends to OUR beach. Today, My Husband used this story as an illustration of how God is desperate for the lost ones in our world who have not yet answered his call. Such a powerful illustration of God’s desperation for those who don’t yet know him…

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