I got in a car accident tonight!!!!


So there was a five car pile up on the way home on the 680 freeway tonight. Traffic was slow and started to pick up near the crash site, when all of a sudden, the car in front of me stopped, I slammed my breaks and tried to veer off to the center medium space … as I did the car locked up and slid around 30degrees… I bumped the center medium but missed the car in front of me!

But a car in back of me wasn’t so lucky, he hit me! The unbelievable part: My car, it seems, is completely untouched! We still have to check the alignment…. But amazing right?

The most important part: my kids & I are okay! I’m completely shaken up but praise God for His protection!!! And the angels that protected me and guided my car.

I sit here completely grateful for two sets of parents and countless others who pray for my family and I everyday!

The thought of the night: I think we are unaware of the way God is protecting us, giving us wisdom and guiding us as we go about our day!

I am sitting on my couch with happy kids headed safely to bed… I am so grateful!

Take a few minutes tonight and pray for your loved ones… Your prayers are planting seeds of provision, protection and the favor of God that will produce fruit at just the right moment!


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  1. Bob Wright says:

    keep in mind that the 5-mile-an-hour bumper can look ok but will not be good for another hit. Glad you’re all OK!


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