Today was a day I will never forget. This weekend will forever be engrained in my memory. It was beautiful and brutal all rolled into one.  Beautiful + Brutal = “Brutiful”.

Today our family at Harvest Church, Pr. Ernest Gentile and our Pastors Richard & Marcy Terherst sent my Husband & I and our 4 children along with a small but dynamic team of people out to plant a new church in San Francisco. It is beautiful to obey the call of God to plant a church, exciting to say the least, but it is also brutal to be leaving the family we have been planted and rooted in for over 16 years. Brutiful.

Last night Harvest Church ended 40 days of fasting and prayer for City Life Church San Francisco – We had a powerful time of prayer and worship followed by a reception for our team. The tears began to flow as the worship began, and continued throughout the night as we hugged necks, said goodbyes and remembered all that God has done in the last 16+ years at Harvest. Brutiful.We ended the night in our usual way by finding those who were left behind, and sitting down to hang out for a while. Such surreal moments as we looked around at those who were just kids when we came, now adults fulfilling God’s purposes in their lives. Saying goodbye to these ones is… Brutiful.

On Sunday morning, no alarm clock was needed. July 1, 2012 – As we pulled up to the Brenden theaters, poured our coffee, took our kids to classes and took our seats on the front row… the reality began to set in. This was the last time. Brutiful.

As Church started and I looked around the room, with each face came a flood of memories… from where we met, to what God has done in their lives, good times and hard times. The amazing fruit that has been produced as we have grown together.  Loved ones. Family. Unbelievably brutiful.

As Pr. Gentile began to prophecy and our pastors laid their hands on us to bless us the unbelievable weightiness and honor of this moment brought all the emotions to surface. This has been our home. The place my husband and I began our life together and began our journey in full time ministry. We have given our everything and in return Harvest, you have given yours. We have been honored to be a part of such a great house. Prs. Richard and Marcy have been such incredible examples to us all of Godliness and perseverance. We are who we are today because of Harvest Church. Your victories will continue to be our victories as well. We have sown into this house and believe EVERY word of God for it WILL come to pass.  It feels as though we are just the children once again, being sent off to get married and start a new family of our own. We don’t sever ties with our family, but we do grow a new family… and just as it was hard to leave my family in Portland so many years ago to come to Concord and start a new life in ministry with my husband…. This is equally as hard. It is undoubtedly the will of God.  It is definitely brutiful.

And so our new journey begins. Today, July 1, 2012 – we have been planted and will by God’s grace, grow a prosperous tree of righteousness in the heart of San Francisco that will produce much fruit.

Tears in my eyes. Much hope and faith for the future. I am holding onto many scriptures including  “And you shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace”

This is for sure beautiful. This is for sure brutal. This is brutiful!

City Life Church San Francisco (click here to visit website)


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  1. Nahela...almost Mrs. Stich ;) says:

    you’re amazing…read this with tears in my eyes 😉 I’m so thankful for your influence in my life…it will never be forgotten. All I can say is THANK YOU. Love you and your family so very much.


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