Beauty isn’t skin deep

aviary-kanoautler-smugmug-com-picture-2.pngWhen I was in college I worked for Nordstrom for a while in the perfume dept. I used to love to go by the make- up counters and try out the latest colors and beauty products. The industry is boundless because of the intoxicating quest for women to look their best. The honest truth is that almost every women deals with insecurity about their appearance. I can guarantee you that the 18 year old girl at the Nordstrom counter so long ago may not even recognize this mother of 4.

I can guarantee you that beauty comes and goes but real beauty is not just skin deep.

While We may not live up to our own ideals, True beauty has everything to do with character, and even the most beautiful woman can throw away their beauty by an ugly attitude.

The beauty that lasts, that is readily recognizable, is not skin deep but heart deep.

We tend to strive for the approval of others… We want to measure up to A standard we have bought into.. This desire for “man’s approval” is HUGE but only the approval of God brings true satisfaction.

The bible says that God doesn’t look at our appearance, but at our heart.

More truth: We get old. Yep all of us, it is covenant with God and each other that keeps us together…. But it is heart beauty that produces Joy, peace and a fruitful life.

I truly believe in excellence and love the latest beauty line or treatment. (insert pedicure here) I think as Christians we need to represent Jesus with up to date style and excellence, but “what it is it good for” if our hearts don’t look like Him… “absolutely nothin” :o)

Our goal: get in for a facial with Jesus… We look different after spending with with Him! We start to represent Him better. Even without saying a word. Jesus doesn’t need you to speak eloquently. What he has done on the inside does the talking! To be mature in Christ by becoming more and more like him is what causes beauty! This is my goal!

Maybe you are tired, feeling insecure, crummy – its probably an indication that you have not had enough Jesus time and your Heart is dry. How is your heart today?

You know, when my heart is right with God, I actually feel inspired to take care of the outward appearance. You can have both… true beauty comes from the inside and effects the outside.

A deep cleaning mask might be a good thing – not hiding but letting God have a little time to work and clean out all the junk. If u do, I guarantee your beauty will be magnetic.

God works wonders and transforms even the ugliest heart into a thing of grace and beauty.

Beauty isn’t skin deep, it’s heart deep!

Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last;
but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised. (Proverbs 31:30 NLT)



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