The move Into The Miracle Zone.

God is always on time… but rarely early and never late. We spent the month of July in Concord with wonderful Sunday evening Services together with our plant team in our home… We were always full of people and even had new visitors come and join our team from the City. We were growing and we had only just begun. Every week we prayed for the church location and for the Lord to provide housing for us. And then in just one day… everything fell into place. But wait let me give you a little history on how we got the house.

Our interns and friends had slaved for a week with us (Thank you Harvest Church Interns & Bob Wright) to help us repaint our house and get it on the market to sell. We seriously couldn’t have done it without them. But we staged our house and got it looking perfect.

It was on the market for one day and the calls started pouring in… 30 viewings in one weekend… by Tuesday we had 2 offers and one was a cash offer. Our house a solid offer in one weekend…. Miracle!

Fast forward and Our sale process was pending for months with no close in sight, and every house we looked at in San Francisco either sold or rented out before we could try. We were “giving” away our house with a short sell- we would owe money still on our loans still and would have 7 more years before we could buy again. It was a truly unsettling moment. We were truly in the Waiting Room (Read about it here). We were hitting walls.

We had prepared the kids to share a room and have no play room outside. We had prepared to downsize, We had our kids gather, sort and with tears sell and getting rid of things – we did this for months. Our kids were preparing to downsize everything, They are truly the heroes in this story, they gave away and sold so many toys. Week after week we took driving trips to the City to look for where we might live. We traveled through neighborhoods, and by churches. My hubby and I prayed, searched & scoured the web for every possible rental in our budget (and beyond- there are some AMAZING loft style houses in SF- Rent for a 2 bedroom was upwards of 3500 a month) But with every late night search we hit another wall- another impossibility. But we kept the faith.

NOthing is impossible with our God. We knew, that we knew that God was calling us to San Francisco.

A few months earlier, we had traveled with our daughter on a soccer tournament to Pacifica. She won that tournament on a gorgeous day at a middle school called IBL right off the beach. We celebrated with some friends who knew the area for dinner and a little beach time. It was a cute little town outside of SF and we had a conversation that this might be a nice community to live in- but we dismissed the idea because we thought it was too far away from SF. So for 3 months we looked for adequate school districts, family friendly neighborhoods, every possible housing rental or sale in San Francisco and nothing turned up for us. One day we felt the Lord impress us to expand our search a little. So we extended our search a little farther- and God kept saying farther…. until finally- we reached Pacifica. Once we got here, a house seemed to jump off the pages- but I was totally unsure how we would do Pacifica- I did not want to be far removed from where our baby church would be- I didn’t know if we could make the payments work. I was scared so I kept looking – we kept looking, but we put a ridicoulous offer to rent for way less than they were asking.

The Lord went above and beyond all we could ask. We were headed out of town to drive to McCall, Idaho with the family for ministry at our friends church when we were divinely delayed. I didnt see it as divine at first because it meant that we were very late on our way out of state. BUT We got the phone call that our house was finally scheduled to close after months and months and a second call that the offer we made to rent on the house in pacifica was accepted. Everything fell into place in one morning AND we needed to be in town that morning to sign all the documents to make this all happen…. can you say MIRACLE! The walls were beginning to crumble and we were stepping into the miracle zone. The house God gave us to rent is a beautiful, newer, huge house in Pacifica just 7 mins. outside of San Francisco. It was way closer to San Francisco that I had ever thought… and right near freeways and a little taste of normal- even a costco, 2 malls and parks. This house was the answer to literally all of our families audacious and very specific prayers. You see our girls were praying for their own rooms, The boys prayed for a park, I prayed for a newer Mediterranean style house with a yard and a big kitchen so I could entertain, We prayed for a safe neighborhood and great schools (I prayed against homeschool- lol), – we thought it was an impossible request!- but, God answered ALL our prayers- here we were in the MIRACLE Zone! AMAZING… but wait if you know me- a bigger miracle was

I moved to the BEACH!

Did I tell you we have a view of the Ocean which is only 5 mins. away?… my favorite! – Miracle.

August 1st (Ethan’s 3rd birthday) we got our keys and celebrated with Skip and Debbie who just happened to be “in our new neighborhood” on a layover in SF- we found out that the SF international airport in 7 mins from our house…. so we had pizza and sat on lawn chairs in our miracle house….
August 3rd. Moving day. We woke up early and found friends and family had arrived with donuts and orange juice ready to help us pack up and make our HUGE move across the bridge and to our new life. It was a day we will never forget. Our whole plant team showed up to help us move. We got the whole house loaded in a huge budget rental truck and a few cars and headed out. We cried on the way out. 16 years of memories flooded my mind. It was a hard move away from our life for so many years…

Crossing over the bay bridge into San Francisco, we cried again. As we saw the San Francisco skyline an overwhelming thought hit us….We were home. A settling joy came over us. Amazing, San Francisco was home….we were on our way- it was time to build a church.

The moment our kids saw our new front door they ran inside screaming with joy! They had never seen the house and in one moment they knew that God cared about them and their prayers. The next day was beautiful, my first dinner on my new(old) gas stove was spaghetti- I remember because I was cooking while looking at a view of the OCEAN!!! it was a beautiful blue that slowly fadded into a gorgeous sunset and I watched the sun set perfectly over the ocean. Was this heaven? But the next day was supppper foggy and cold 55 degrees in the beginning of August.

Our kids made it into amazing schools (We were told this was impossible in San Francisco where they have a lottery system and split up families into different schools) We almost missed the deadline- seriously, we moved into town and the kids went to school 2 weeks later. but just in time God knew what he was doing bringing us to Pacifica and to the Schooling that our kids love and was a huge answer to prayer! Oh remember the soccer tournament from before? Well….. Erika was placed in a middle school nearest our house- yep, IBL her first scarry middle day in a new place with no friends was spent in a place she already had great memories at. We knew God had set us up…. oh and JuJU and Jaden’s school was identical in teaching style and format as their school in concord. What kept us up at night, prayers that went for months- were all answered- We had great schools!!! MIRACLE! Oh and we got a note from our former loan- the one we owed on- our debt was wiped clean!!!! It was a huge miracle- AND we were freed to buy a house- no 7 year waiting period. God is in the business of crazy miracles.

BUT Honestly, the miracles didn’t give me an automatic faith filled perspective. I had to fight for them… and keep on audacious prayers for crazy miracles. I felt as if I was in a Fog – but I was literally in a fog, after that first beautiful day, it was foggy and FREEZING for 1 month. I wondered if I would EVER see that view of the ocean, or experience anything that resembled summer again- I cried when I saw commercials of kids having fun in the summer…. summer apparently didn’t exist here- that’s what the neighbors told me, I was crushed. I LOVE summer. I LOVE hot- where did we move? I was expecting the fog to roll in and roll out…. I was hit with panic and a fear of driving in the fog or anywhere for that matter, especially on freeways, frustration with the fog, tons of work preparing for a church launch- for which we had no building yet….I was insecure again all of sudden in my own calling and purpose. I felt totally lost. With each step forward, a huge hurdle seemed to be right in front of us. It seemed although we were moving forward, it was a very steep uphill climb. So many days I went to sleep cying and listening/singing worship songs pouring out my heart to God… but still woke up in a fit of worry…. I wasn’t sleeping- my chest pain had come back… and then one morning I slipped down our stairs and injured my hip- I could barley walk. I was in so much pain. But I didn’t feel that I could do anything… so i didnt even go to the doctor… I just suffered though it. Emotionally, physically- What had happened to the Miracle Zone. I was no longer faith filled…. I had to fight for it… I HAD to CAST all those cares on Jesus in prayer… in faith, while fighting for my freedom faith began to slowly creep back in….. We may not know the steps into the miracle zone but God’s plan is detailed. My continued lesson is to Trust God, & pray about everything. My goal: Tell God what I need and choose a faith filled perspective as a gift from God in each situation!

He does care about the small things as well as the huge- and he has all the details in place if we just trust him and leave the timing up to Him.

Try choosing to trust God today, let Him move & adjust you and I’m pretty sure you will look around soon and realize you are standing in the midst of a miracle!

As I began to trust again- and my fears began to crumble…. I realized that I was in the Miracle Zone STILL.

READ THE NEXT POST to hear of more miracles: “waiting in the miracle zone” the miracle of our building & weeks leading to the launch of our church.


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  1. Elana, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. I know (becasue of your posts) how much things have been changing in your life, but your positiveness–your faith–always comes through. Keep listening to God and sharing what He says my friend! Stephanie :0)


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