I burnt the nachos!


Erika screamed and I immediately knew it was not a joke. Moms, you know the scream…I went running upstairs! Smoke was billowing out of the oven filling the entire room.

I almost laughed but could see the nachos burnt to a crisp so I commanded my kids to open all the windows and doors. The smoke alarms started blaring, Julianna started to cough while Jaden & Ethan cried.

We grabbed some blankets and gathered on the front porch to let the house air out. I had all 4 kids snuggled close and we threw a blanket over us to make a tent. We stayed together and laughed and cuddled until everyone felt like going back in.

Here is what we learned: all my families cell phones, computers, tv’s, clothes, purses ect were inside the house but…. All that REALLY mattered was inside our blanket.

It’s about people! All of it! God’s love, his grace, Jesus, our lives. Everything we own…. is given to us as a tool, to aid in our mission of loving people and helping people come to Jesus!

So, Just a quick reminder, it’s about the people, not the stuff! Sometimes it takes a little burnt nachos to wake us up to this šŸ˜‰


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  1. Very good, Bay Area Momma!


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