The “i” word. New blog post:


I remember the day in Bible college that the “i” word hit me between the eyes. I had grown up almost using it as a crutch, a reason for my problems. It was something I could explain away,    and blame those who were opposite – I declared them all to be prideful. Why? My struggle was with Insecurity. The “I” Word. That day in College: It came like a brick- There is far too much “i” in insecurity- why I can’t, why I won’t, why I’m a failure- The brick? Insecurity is Pride. Thinking about myself too much. Ouch.

I still often fall into this trap of Insecurity and it tries to rob me of my strength. When I look to myself and my abilities for strength I always fall back into insecurity. It’s God’s strength that is my source. I need to fight Insecurity with the right armor. I just read this from my good friend and Pastors Wife Cindy Litzinger. I love this woman and you will see why: I think it will bless you like it blessed me:

“Ok girls…I had a little “moment” in Psalms 18 today & thought someone else might need this, too. You know how we can all struggle (that’s very probably a very mild action verb for this discussion☺ with insecurities from time to time. Or always. Or more than we like to admit. Well, I know I do. Let’s just be honest here. So anyway, as I was reading Psalm 18 in the Living Bible (yes. That old paraphrase from 40 years ago that is still so relevant and awesome), I realized that for every time David uses the word “enemy” or “death” or “ungodliness” in this passage I could just insert the icky nasty word “insecurity”. If you have a minute, walk through this with me. It’s pretty powerful stuff. I’m just going to share a couple of highlights and then you can study it out more for yourself!

First: in verse 2 David makes this amazing statement: The Lord is my fort where I can enter and be safe; no one can follow me in and slay me. He is a rugged mountain where I hide, he is my Savior, a rock where no one can reach me, and a tower of safety. WHEN I am struggling with insecurity I’ll often try to get that fixed in any other source possible, when the SAFEST, MOST SECURE place is God’s presence. It’s so beautiful…when I run there, my insecurities cannot follow me in and slay me.

Secondly: one of our deepest longings as women is to be protected. Sometimes, we’re kind of fighter chicks and think we can defend ourselves. Later in this passage we get on the offense and that’s awesome! We have to FIRST let Jesus come to our aid. “In my distress I screamed to the Lord for his help. And he heard me from heave; my cry reached his ears. Then the earth rocked and reeled, and the mountains shook and trembled. How they quaked!! For he was ANGRY”…WOW!! Listen to this!! “HE BENT THE HEAVENS DOWN AND CAME TO MY DEFENSE; thick darkness (insecurity) was beneath his feet…he sped QUICKLY to my aid.” He even “veiled his approach with dense clouds dark as murky waters.” (HE is the ULTIMATE superhero!) “SUDDENLY the brilliance of his presence broke through the clouds with lightening and a mighty storm of hail.”

You have to read it for yourself!! Because later, he shows us how to get on the offensive team! Verse 35: “You have given me your salvation as a shield…I chased my insecurities and caught up with them and did NOT turn back until ALL were conquered. I pinned those insecurities to the ground; ALL the insecurities were helpless before me.” I placed my feet upon their necks. For you have armed me with strong armor for the battle…!”

So, here’s the bottom line. We have to be aggressive about dealing with insecurities in our lives. Look at all the action words in this passage!!! I think this is our fighting manifesto, girls!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to go chase ‘em down and place my feet on their necks!! And by the way, we’re in this together☺ ”

Thanks Cindy! a much needed word!


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