a rainbow in the wave


Soo I moved to the big city…. well actually to the beach by the big city.  I LOVE The ocean, and although it is almost always cold here. I go to the beach often and just sit in my car watching the waves while I do my devotions. In the ups and downs of my emotions through my big move to the city I have found a peace and stillness while watching the waves.

One particularly crazy day I was sitting on the pier with tears in my eyes, trying to enjoy the beauty of the waves, but the emotions were too much. I couldn’t see my way out of a particular perspective. I was asking the Lord why I was feeling the same old way and why couldn’t I just make it past this particular mountain.

Through the tears I noticed huge waves coming in,  crazy wind and sunshine- the waves almost crashed over the pier, but then I began to watch how with every crazy huge wave,  a harsh wind hit the top the wave and blew the water backwards. As the sun hit the water I saw a rainbow in every wave. The bigger the wave the bigger  and more beautiful the rainbow-

The rainbow in the bible represents a promise…. to never flood the earth again. A reminder that God is in control and does not intend to destroy our lives.  So I continued to watch the pattern of waves… . a series of  large waves came and then a few calm waves. The Thought God dropped into my heart was that  even large waves are stilled at the shores edge by the the last wave making its way back to sea.  It seems that  what makes a wave crash along the shore is where two waves collide and the water swells high. One wave making its way to shore and the previous wave making its way back out to sea. Each wave is individual and crashes a little differently-Even though it looks the same as the last one, it has its own unique pattern. All waves crash and come to a stopping place -Even after a tusami- the waves go back to normal and stop in the right place again, everyday all day long the waves come in and stop at the right place.

As my tears were drying I realized that in our emotions we can often feel like we are drowning and feeling

the never ending pound of the ever crashing waves. Look at this with me….

Rainbow Waves
Rainbow Waves (Photo credit: The Uprooted Photographer)

Whatever wave of emotion you face…God is there and wanting you to see his perspective. The waves don’t stop coming but HE controls the place they stop. As His light hits your wave… a beautiful rainbow appears and He reminds you of the promises of your life-  I have often gone to the shore and fog fills the air, no sun and everything looks gray- no beauty. Maybe you feel this way about your situation. Here is the truth-

the sun always comes out again. In the fog it truly feels as though it will never go away, but I promise you as you allow God to shine HIs light on your emotions you will begin to see the beauty again. With each new wave you will see the rainbow.

Its beautiful to look at- but if you find yourself in the water yourself it may not “feel” beautiful  unless you learn to swim & then go out to a restful place beyond the waves …. and get over your fear of drowning in the wave. And then to your surprise God will teach to conquer the wave- to  surf it – to ride the wave.

Soon you will find your are surfing on the wave with a rainbow of promise surrounding you. Ok this metaphor might be way too cheesy for you, but It helped me. The waves of emotion don’t have to toss you around and make you believe you are drowning…

English: Mavericks Surf Contest 2010. Français...
English: Mavericks Surf Contest 2010. Français : Édition 2010 du concours de surf de Mavericks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even the wind and the waves obey God! If it seems Jesus is sleeping while you are being tossed  around… remember,

Jesus is sleeping because he is with you and is confident you will make it through the wave and through to the other side.

Psalm 138: 8

The Lord will work out his plans for my life—for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.


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