Faith vs Fear

Have u ever been excited about a situation only to allow a sliver of fear in that seems to grow at an unstoppable pace? We cannot have both faith & fear actively working in situations in our life. They are at war with each other! The Bible says that God gives faith as a gift, but fear is not of God. I was reading out of Genesis 15-22 Often times we “trust” what our natural eyes can see and forget to trust God. As we wait for God to fulfill his word over our lives, sometimes we get impatient and our Control Freak side comes out :o)

Trusting with worry=fear
Trusting with faith= evident grace from God.

We make a mess of things when fear drives our hearts instead of faith.

Abrahm & Sarah had a dream….after waiting and waiting. It was not happening. They got impatient waiting for God to confirm & fulfill the dreams in their hearts… Then God spoke and promised them a son… in fact many sons. But Abram and Sarah still found themselves waiting again even after the promise! They got tired of waiting for the promise….  maybe Sarah was so tired that her imagination and insecurity  birthed  a contingency plan   instead of waiting and letting God birth the promise. And Abram bought into it without thinking or considering the cost of this on his marriage. TheIshmael plan” brought more pain than they could even bare….  what did Abram think sleeping with Sarah’s maid would do…. lol.

How many times do we get caught in our own contingency plans and waver with our trust in God’s promises?…

Abram really did believe God in his heart, but because of fear he pushed beyond God. He didn’t understand the plan and he couldn’t handle it.

Sometimes we believe in our hearts, but because of our outward circumstances, & fear that it will never happen, we just can’t help but get in there and try to make it happen!

Adding to God’s plan or trying to make it work before it’s time never works out by the way :o)

Abram and Sarah had royally messed up. They had taken things into their own hands.


Even after Abraham carried out his own contingency plan, God was still faithful. God credited Abram with a label of Faith… before his failure, and knowing He was  failing in faith.

God spoke to Abraham twice, once to confirm the promise of a son, and Now After Ishmael and the mess there, God comes again to speak to Abram of his future- but Abram in his insecurity continues to question “how”.  Now he has messed things up and surely God would not use Him now.

Fear was speaking loud.

God was speaking to Abram, It says a terrifying darkness came over him. Sometimes when God puts vision in our heart we can be terrified with the “how”…  But Godly vision always requires an element of faith.

Abram awoke, God comforts him with a promise. God sees our hearts and always steps in with comfort…but he asks us to trust him. Abram had a future but didn’t know how or when.

God then does something amazing! God changed Abram’s name to Abraham- father of many. A prophetic act.

Sometimes we need an encounter with God where he changes everything, a perspective change. We don’t often change our names today, but i think as we begin to see through God’s eyes

our inner name is changed from Old man to New man.

From the worlds thinking to God’s thinking.

A shift in our lives where even our mistakes are covered & forgiven by God and his love for us- we can then allow faith to fill our hearts again for the future.


This name change was the moment When his fear, turned to faith.

God then fulfilled the dream… Isaac was born… Such a miracle but as we soon read, God comes and tests him again to see if the name change had become a heart change… to see if he would respond in faith or in fear.

Abraham is asked to sacrifice his only son… Abraham now responded in faith and obeyed God… knowing that God was faithful and would somehow fulfill the promise. God provided a way out of the situation.

Whatever your dream, believe God! Let Him comfort you and label you “faith-filled” as you wait!

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  1. Why does it take a rock bottom experience to then live by faith? We let fear drive our livets until what we fear occurs.


    1. bayareamomma says:

      that is indeed true! Pretty sure I have needed a mid course adjustment in the area of fear plenty of times. Without the help of the Holy Spirit to give us a quick kick in gear we will all fall prey to our fears. The Word even says that what the wicked fear will overtake them… and the righteous WILL LIVE by faith. So I am grateful everyday to have a way to get right with God and be seen as righteous before him because of Jesus… I can LIVE in the promise of faith and have victory over fear – I think it is an active choice to receive God’s free give of faith for each day! Thanks so much for commenting. :o)


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