It rings in our ears day in and day out. “I don’t have enough.” eventually It measures up to “I am not enough”.
3 things to see in today’s scriptures:
1-God wants you to  Know your value- You are a priceless treasure
2-God wants you to see the everyday life value of what you have been given-  You have received a priceless treasure
3- God wants to use to to give to others -You have priceless treasure to give.
“I want more”….. As if the more is really going to fix things! It is what our hearts tell us at times. It is definitely what our kids may say because it is a temporary fix to our real life issues. it is a band-aid that makes us forget our heart issues. What if God gave us endless riches and incredible treasures? Like an all expenses paid for shopping spree. Not earthly things…but the things our hearts truly long for. What our souls cry out for as we lay our head down at the end of a long day. Peace that goes beyond the facts, Joy that isn’t circumstantial, hope of a life in heaven after death, purpose and value not based on our earthly accomplishments. What if it was more than enough for us to live a life that is abundant and extravagant.

“It’s not just about me!” This realization changes everything. When we get our eyes off of ourselves for a minute we begin to see that giving to others actually fills up the vacated spots we have in our own hearts. Its the mystery of God’s grace. What if this treasure so extravagant that we didn’t mind sharing…what if our greatest joy was found in seeing that it was all for the benefit of others-
“God gave us the special responsibility of extending His grace to others who don’t deserve it.- not our own grace, but an inherited endless grace that actually belongs to God!”
“share in the RICHES we Inherited because of our faith in Jesus”- a promise of blessing…

This kind of heart treasure is the real thing that will satisfy our souls. Paul realized it… .Will we?

He fills my life with all good things. Seen with spiritual eyes. love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self control, confidence, grace… an endless list of true life giving treasures.  Even though I am least deserving He graciously  gave me the privilege of spreading this good news, telling others of the endless treasures we have in Christ. God wants to bless us with earthly natural wealth too. But this treasure is so much more important because it satisfies the longing in our souls.

I have the honor of being a part of God’s purpose on earth- to use the church to display HIS wisdom in it’s RICH variety.

Because of Jesus we can come boldly and confidently into God’s presence!

Without Jesus we have no confidence of a relationship with God. We now know that because of what Jesus did on the cross on our behalf – the veil that separated us from God was ripped in two and we now have access to come to God without fear of judgement or condemnation. We come as a child would to his loving father…. Boldly and with confidence in His unconditional love for us.

Here is a tip for growing in God: When you go through trials, present it in a way so that others don’t loose heart but feel honored to be a part of What God is doing in and through your life. Your life is influencing others. It is your choice what they take away. Will it be a treasure that blesses others and is worth sharing?


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