Jump a little higher

Jumping on a bed
Not my room or kid :o) (Photo credit: Robert Crum)

Jump  a little higher….

My three year old was jumping on my bed this morning. Yes, I was a bad mom …. I let him jump on the bed and thought it was cute. He jumped as HIGH as he could and was so proud of himself… then he started to lift his knees as he jumped and a huge smile came across his face as he proclaimed “look mommy, look how much higher I am jumping now”. As cute as my little guy was, I could see that he was not jumping any higher than before, his head was reaching the same spot – he was simply lifting his feet higher. It was a lot more effort for no better result. He was even out of breath. I gave him a suggestion…   try a different technique and jump from a squatting position… as he jumped, I saw that he was actually going higher than before. Although this way of jumping took longer, it made for a higher jump, and it was easier. He was soooo proud of his jumps!

And then the thought came… how many times does our Christian walk look like this to the Lord? ok. It’s a silly illustration but here goes:  as we are serving the Lord… we may actually think we are “jumping higher” in our walk with God just by adding more activity to our day & ministry.  We are so proud of our accomplishments – But many times we are just using more effort and not making a true difference.  It’s not until we stop and ask God for His way of doing things that we actually begin to go higher.  We need to ask ourselves, Are we going deeper in God and more effective in life & ministry, or are we just busier and have a better looking resume? True Satisfaction lies in the path of pleasing God, burnout comes when we try to please others. What is it that God is asking us to be and do right now….

What is His strategy for our season…?

1- ask God. He will answer through the His word (Bible), the checks in our heart, and Godly counsel

2-be willing to cut out anything God does not want

3-give up our right to be right

4- remember our purpose in Serving God = others…not our “Christian Resume”.

If we ask God his plan, he will show us, He DESIRES to give us wisdom to know how to “jump a little higher”!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Love thid reminder Elaina! Thank you :0)


  2. godschick says:

    This is the truth. Love the illustration!


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