What do you see?

Photo on 4-8-13 at 11.49 AMToday is the most beautiful day where I live. The sun is shinning, the ocean is sparkling, the colors are vivid. I can even see waves in the ocean which never happens from my vantage point. I am poised at the table all day, just to view the waves. lol. The reason I can see waves from so far away is that we are having record-breaking wind gusts right now. Last night the windows and doors were howling and trees were knocked down. A record of 75 mph wind gusts were recorded by the beach in San Francisco. I am so thankful to be inside my house as I listen to the wind and watch the effects of the wind on the ocean –  It’s beautiful. But not for everyone. The fishing community is loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars today because it is too dangerous to take their fishing boats out. People are out of power. Streets are closed.

There is always a collision of good and bad in each day. Because I am watching the waves and sitting here writing… my house is a mess. My laundry is not done, my dirty dishes are in a huge pile on the counter.  But if there is one thing I have been reminded of since my move it is to enjoy each day… each moment for what it is.  You see, last week the view out my window was thick fog, rain and everything was gray. The weather changes everyday. Today is spring- beautiful but cold and windy, Yesterday was winter- 52 with foggy rain.  Wednesday’s weather forecast is Summer- 72 and beach weather. Summer doesn’t exist in a season here- It comes on random days any time of year. If it gets warm we drop everything and go play outside. There is no day that is the same. A day can be beautiful  Summer weather and in a matter of minutes when the fog rolls in, it becomes winter.  I actually have to take the time to enjoy each day hour by hour.

Here is another senerio:

My little guy consistently comes to me and wants me to shut down the computer so he can have my lap. He wants to be with me. Sometimes I am annoyed. He grabs my face and wont give up until I close down my computer – pick him up and give him FACETIME> :o) So much to learn as a parent from these little guys. I only have this moment with him. Pretty soon he wont want to sit on my lap anymore. My girls wont want to play dolls and my son wont want to cuddle…. I can miss today by being focused on preparing for tomorrow.  I must not miss these moments. What do I see in my kids right now?Image

My right now: I remember being sooo sad about friends that had moved or that I had lost connection with. Finally God said knock it off and enjoy who you are with…. right now.  I have been diligently working on pursuing whoever I am with each day.  God has healed the friendship hole in my heart by giving me the gift of being excited about who is in my life today. Even if it is with a neighbor today, my sister tomorrow and a total stranger at the park the next day.

I believe in Divine appointments. Who do I see right now and how can I love on them?

Answering the question “What do you see in this moment?” will bring balance to the past and the future. What we do right now, with this moment, lays the foundation for the future. Are we always waiting for the perfect circumstances, the perfect person, the perfect fix? We dwell on the past and worry about the future.

Here is the truth: HIS mercies are new every morning-

I need to declare: This is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it.

I must remember: I can do NOTHING to change the past, I cannot DO the future. I cannot even do an hour from now. I ONLY have right now- this moment.

The bible tells us to not worry about tomorrow for it will take care of itself… and to give all our worries to God. He actually went to the cross for our peace: “the chastisement of our peace was upon Him”. We were created to walk in supernatural peace.

I MUST see: I can only actually affect right now! This moment! The only thing I can actually DO is what I am doing in this moment.

It is so important to make sure that we don’t miss the beautiful gifts all around us just because we are caught up missing an ingredient we think we need.

Here is what to do:

You can go to God and receive enough grace for right now. You can endure work right now because it is where God has assigned you in this moment. Why not pray for co-workers, client lists, favor- When we pray admitting we need him to give us HIs perspective, then- LOVE< joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness self-control & righteousness are  all accessible to us for this moment.

What are you doing with right now? What is the conversation of our hearts right now? Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus– Let’s filter everything and every situation through Him.

You only have right now. What are you gonna do with it?

What do you see? It changes everything.


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  1. godschick says:

    Love that you walked the perimeter of SF. Sounds like something I would do! Love the books Circle Maker….a book that totally ministered to my husband and me. This moment….I just wrote about that….about “here”. We really are kind of on the same wavelength. Bless you today!!!


    1. bayareamomma says:

      lol. I was thinking the same thing again…. when i read your blog this morning. Can’t wait to meet you :o)


      1. godschick says:

        Me too! Do you like to shop? I love SF shopping.


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