A quick thought on attitudes. 5 Minute Friday

I was talking with my little guy about his attitude. “Attitude is the most important thing”, I said. He did not get the cereal he wanted, the way he wanted it, just moments before… and so he decided to throw a temper tantrum. You know, making a HUGE fuss to get my attention, trying to change my mind or just plain get what he wanted. He wanted what he wanted and and he wanted it now. He ignored my voice, he did his own thing, He was unteachable in that moment. As a mother, my job is to teach my son that:
1- I am in charge, he is not
2- I have his best in mind
3- I love him
4- this attitude is wrong and will not work
5-he must change his attitude right now! ….I must teach him to choose to have a good attitude even when he doesn’t get his way so that he will be a GREAT adult, making great decisions.

I realized that We can be a LOT like this with God… and others. We have something we want, we see a particular thing that we don’t like and so we move heaven and earth, change everything, make HUGE decisions all while ignoring God on the matter. We cry, we whine, and beg at God all in the name of prayer…. But all we really want is our own way.

Ouch- so remember those things I had to teach my son,
God is imploring us to stop our temper tantrums and be teachable!
1- God in charge, I am not
2- God has my best in mind
3- God loves me
4- This attitude is wrong and will not work
5-I must change my perspective & attitude right now! ….

God is teaching us to choose to have a good attitude even when we don’t get our way so that we “will be mature and complete Christians, not lacking anything” We can be a GREAT leader for God if we first become a great follower making great decisions.

Attitude is the most important thing- it sparks the hugest fire or calms the greatest storm – it’s our choice…. Trust God!



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  1. I go to see day-to-day some web pages and sites to read articles or reviews,
    but this blog gives quality based content.


  2. godschick says:

    Just added you to my blogroll. 🙂


    1. bayareamomma says:

      oh my- I have been MIA from wordpress. Thank you so much!


      1. godschick says:

        No problem. 😉


  3. godschick says:

    That is so good! Attitude is everything. I have honestly had the same conversation with my kids and then had to go take a tough look at myself. I often find the rotten attitude I see in my kids came from me! Yikes. Confession time…..and then I go “must change now.” Love your post. I have a free book giveaway over at my blog today. Stop over. 🙂


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