Laundry Again?


Laundry seems to never end. If you are a mom, you probably understand. I found myself complaining about the amount of laundry I had in the house and my frustration from 16 years of doing it. Lol. I let it be known that I needed more help and yes, my attitude was bad.

God checked me, but not in disapproval or disgust. He simply reminded me how to change my perspective and see through his eyes before I let this issue become a flushing point of the rest if my life.

Love that my relationship with him is close enough that He can correct me when I need it.

I began to look through his eyes- no, my laundry did not magically vanish😜, but I realized that I did have so much to be thankful about in the midst of my piles. Today, some moms in Oaklahoma are looking at laundry for a child just lost in the storms…. I have my kids to hold and love on. I can’t wait till they get out of school.
A “Holy Spirit led” perspective changed me today. What is God asking you to look at differently today?

He has the answers. He probably won’t take you out of the situation but if you rest your mind in Him for a little while…. You will begin to see His perspective on it.


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