Ride the wave


I love to go watch the Surfing at our local beach. I’m mesmerized by the the way they navigate the waves. The way they wait for the right wave, catch it, ride it perfectly, occasionally falling down but always getting back up again and waiting for the next wave. They seem to have no fear of the pounding of the waves – I see tons of surfers on the same beach, but they seem to have a rhythm…a code. They don’t crash into each other – in fact to avoid a collision one surfer will sacrifice their ride in favor of a buddy who is “in the way”. They carry their own board to the water, they brave the cold weather and water all in an effort to feel the thrill of catching a wave. The place of resting is just past the crash of the waves- they all sit and wait- anticipating the waves worth catching. They navigate the water – they don’t drown in the crashing waves, but rather ride the wave…. Diving under and past a wave not worthy of their time or of their board. I am obviously not a surfer –

but I can’t help but want go watch- there is peace in it for me and I keep hearing God say:

“There is so much to learn from the way they do things:”

Think about life:

1-No fear of the huge ocean before them, and the unseen & pounding waves
2-carrying their personal board across the sand and out into the cold water to accomplish the mission
3- riding out past the crashing point into the deep
4-Anticipating the wave and embracing the wait
5-learning to Ride the surf-learning new things & getting better every time
6-preferring a buddy’s ride over their own by sacrificing so they don’t crash
7-going back out to do it again

“Do not get weary in doing good, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up”

I know how this all speaks to my situations…, how is God speaking to you about yours?




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