Trust me, Just taste it!

20130717-111317.jpgHave you ever been asked to taste something that you knew you already didn’t like. In my family we have an eat it or starve policy. Well, it’s not all that harsh- but we do ask our kids to eat whatever is put before them at our own table and any table we go to. I’m sure I’m not the only mom that has dealt with a huge melt down over food. Usually it is the worst before they even take the first bite and always for something brand new. The awful anticipation makes them produce face contortions I didn’t know existed. Lol. It isn’t until they are about 10 that they recognize the pattern- Usually, after they obey and take a few bites, they realize that the food isn’t as bad as they thought. Even if it’s not their favorite food, it does the job of filling their tummies and giving them energy. They get caught up in the emotion of it all. If they can just make it past emotion and into just digging into it/ the meal goes by faster, lol. If they don’t throw a fit and just eat with a good attitude and without saying anything they usually end up not having to eat much. It’s the fight against the food that causes the issue. It’s the wrong attitude. We are loving parents and won’t force them to eat anything bad for them or that we wouldn’t eat. I can hear my oldest now telling the younger ones to “just eat it and quit throwing a fit or get in trouble”.

Can I just be the older sister to you for a moment? You know that thing in your heart that is bugging you, that thing you don’t like that keeps getting put there for you to deal with…. Yep, that thing! Please stop throwing a fit and finding yourself in trouble over it. GO to God!!!! We bring it half heartedly to God and never walk away victorious in it. What if you didn’t give up. What if you stuck around to pray it through, let go of the emotions and your right to them, didnt stop seeking the mind of God on it and didn’t stop until you could see and spiritually taste that it was going to be good that God IS good in and through it.
This verse is that challenge: I dare you to press through, trust God and TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD!


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