Shark Week

English: Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, ...
English: Great white shark at Isla  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In honor of Shark Week my kids and I have watched Soul Surfer and shared a few scary and fun shark tales.  My boys LOVE to pretend they are sharks while chasing each other around the room. It’s all in fun this week, but the truth for me is that the thought of being near one of these huge creatures sends chills down my spine.

So with all the fun this week we drove by the ocean, and in their cute way my boys questioned: I wonder how many sharks are out there… I thought it was funny that they didn’t ask if there were sharks there, they just knew. Of course, I don’t know how many sharks are out there, but I do know they are there…. Just a few weeks ago a guy had a run in with one on one of the beaches in our town. My boys always want to go out into the water, but being the ever cautious mother, I do all my recon before I let them near the water….

As I was thinking of our fun week…. God reminded me: We know where the sharks live in our lives. Those things, situations or even people that are dream killers, addictions, hidden sins, ministry killers, relationship killers, & confidence stealers…..   We choose to coexist with those things, being scared of or intimidated by them but never taking precaution to conquer them or steer away from them.

We may not be able to avoid the “shark” in our life, but we can ask God for grace and wisdom to know where the sharks live and what we need to do to avoid being bitten by them…. sometimes we just need to stay out of the water when the sharks are nearby….aka: stay away from the drama.

God promises that with His help we can grow in wisdom and grace as we get to know Him better each day, as we reach out to him in the middle of our shark situations.

Maybe we can take a minute to recognize where the sharks live in our lives, and make every effort to not be cowering in fear of them, but be wise about them.   :o)


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